Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Eliminating foods while nursing {day 4}

So, I learned something yesterday.  Coffee is a big NO, with baby B's issues.  I had a little more yesterday than I had Monday (since Monday was great!) and all day yesterday after our 11:30 feed, was just not fun.  I could literally tell, when I went to nurse him, that something was off.  When I went to have him latch on, he kept shaking his head from side to side and didn't want to eat!  Now, my boy loves his food so this just shocked me…and then he spit up, cried and was fussy

Seriously, it's easier cutting dairy than a little caffeine. But I can do it…my husband used to drink 2 Red Bulls a day, but with is Crohn's, he clearly saw a huge difference when he stopped drinking it.  He quit cold turkey and never looked back.  SO, I suppose I can suck it up too!! Plus my girlfriends have given it up too, they said it was tough the first few days but after that felt fine.

I won't be doing that again!  I cut Spark, teas, and I don't drink soda/pop anyway, but I am definitely going to have to stop caffeine which is not going to be fun.  However, the smiles, coos, and happy baby are totally worth it!

I'm still going with the no dairy/soy/highly acidic foods, since I want to give that time.  As for a replacement for a warm beverage? I'm going to try hot vanilla almond milk.  {it's actually pretty tasty!} #placeboeffect

What I ate yesterday:
coffee :(
1 egg, spinach, ezekial toast
Oatmeal w/ walnuts
1 pc of banana bread
leftover crockpot chicken, on ezekial bread, w/ lettuce
apple & cashew butter
Coconut Chicken & Kale Stew w/ jasmine rice
And of course water all day long

His schedule:


2:30 feed
5:30 feed
7:30 wakeup
8:30 feed
11:30 --feed/spit up…fussy
2:00 feed/spit up…fussy
3:00 slept in wrap
4:30 feed…super fussy
7:00 bath calmed him down
7:30 feed
8:00 bed
11:30 feed

4:30 feed
7:30 wakeup/feed [burp/small spit up]
8:45-9:40 napping in his swing

Now, I guess that I am documenting mostly for my benefit, but I love when others can offer advice, tips and I am super nervous about cutting caffeine and getting terrible headaches, but it is what is best for my baby and what mother wouldn't do what is best?!  I know that getting more sleep will help me not need caffeine…but the initial withdrawal is probably going to not be fun! 


  1. Poor momma! That would be tough. Thanks for documenting though!! BF with my first didn't go well so I'm praying we can do it for baby boy #2 - I love that you listed the foods you are eating because I just might be re-reading it again in a few months :)

  2. aww you are doing great. It greats tough but you are a great mama and can do it. Its so cool you have a boy and girl :O)
    You I could not drink coffee. I drink herbal tea with no caffeine. It been working out good for me and it good for you .

  3. I'm so sorry you are having to go through all this. You are doing so good though mama!! Hang in there!!


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