Tuesday, March 10, 2015


These last seven weeks with baby boy have been such a roller coaster!! We have sure had our fair share of small bumps in the road.  Nothing we can't handle, but holy smokes, it's been way more than the normal "just bringing a newborn home and having a toddler too."  That second weekend home, we had Joe's crohn's flare up.  Then things started to seem to get into a routine around week 3…but his tongue was still white and he started to get fussy, so I thought maybe it was Thrush. Week 4 hit and he started acting super fussy, crying all the time, having trouble burping/passing gas.  It was awful!

Like I've said so far I've changed my diet--still no dairy (like I may cook with butter or eat breads etc that may contain milk) but I am not eating yogurt, cheese, milk, or any milk based or soy proteins. I have switched to all plant based protein and I must say, I was feeling great.

I also gave up caffeine…but he was still having some pretty obvious reflux symptoms (crying, spitting up/out of his nose)  So on Thursday 3/5 we decided to start him on the Zantac.  It took a few days, but I really truly believe all of these changes have helped him immensely! He is sleeping so much better, cooing, talking, and only gets fussy if he's hungry, tired, or needs a diaper change.  That is what I call winning!

However, just as he started to get better, on Friday my right breast started hurting.  I didn't think much of it, I thought maybe I just needed to feed or pump; maybe I laid on it funny.  But as the day progressed, I thought differently. I started worrying about a blocked duct or worse, mastitis.

After talking to several of my friends, they all said if you even think it is mastitis, get to the Dr ASAP.  The last thing I wanted to do was go on antibiotics; my poor baby has been on 2 meds already, I dreaded having to go on something and have him get it through my breast milk.  Talking to my husband we decided I should try a few of the natural remedies before rushing to urgent care…

That included, warm/cold compress.  Lavender oil.  Pumping/feeding around the clock.  I even swallowed whole garlic cloves.  That was disgusting.  The only thing I didn't have to try was the cabbage leaves…but by 6pm on Friday night I started getting chills, body aches, and felt terrible! I was so bummed because my friend Nikki was here and this hit me like a ton of bricks!  After they left, I bundled up in sweats, hoodie, thick socks, blanket, and took 2 advil (which I never do) and I checked my temp. it was 99.8 which is high for me…I am always in the 97 for some reason.  Luckily it dropped quickly, I think because of the advil…but I continued to feel ill all night, and all day Saturday.  I really wanted to go to the Dr but I did not want to bring the kids to that germy place!  I had to wait until Joe got home at 5:30.

Sure enough, the Dr said it was definitely mastitis and that she strongly urged antibiotics because I had the red lines starting and the fever/chills already.  She said it can get ugly really quickly, like in a few hours, and it's not something to take lightly.  

So I am hoping the medicine really works and that we don't have any real Thrush issues--I'm pumping my probiotics like crazy and trying to eat super healthy.  I just want to be better, breastfeed him successfully, and have everyone healthy!  I started doubting, again, if I should just throw in the towel with nursing him and just pick up the can of purple enfamil staring at me on our desk, since they sent it to us for free in the mail.

I am not one to wish for life to be easy, but I certainly can only do so much.  I am hoping this phase passes quickly and we can all feel happy, healthy, and full of energy again!  I am grateful for small moments of triumph, and finding strength in myself I wasn't quite sure existed.  Lack of sleep is my main concern, and I will continue to try my best to rest when possible and catch up when I can!

I am not against formula by any means; by 6 months I had Brooke transitioned to formula.  I just really hoped to nurse a bit longer still…but I know mommy needs her rest, and when the time is right, I will make that decision. For now, I pump like a crazy woman…and live for these smiles!

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping babe.

Fussy times call for a carrier time. {while making dinner!}

Have you had any nursing woes?  I will just keep chugging along...

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