Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day 3: Be the First to Comment

Today's task is a super easy one.  I found myself scrolling my instagram or FB and just feeling blah.  It then occurred to me, that when you're feeling down, the best thing to do, is to lift someone else up.  In turn, it will help you feel better.

I really started getting a kick out of being the first to comment; obviously you can't always be the first to comment, but if you pull up your Facebook and see a post that just went up, say something nice!

It really does lift spirits and it's always a good feeling to spread happiness. There is so much joy and happiness in the world, we just need to focus on it to find it.

There is also much anger, frustration and sadness, and if you focus on that, you'll attract more of that as well.

Happy commenting!! 


  1. Yes! Absolutely love this one.

    Just like gift giving, complimenting someone else feels WAY better than receiving a compliment yourself! :) And gosh, I know when a coworker says something nice to me, whether it's about my writing or hairstyle that day, I walk just a little bit taller.

    1. I love that Jenna! Yes, it does feel so good to hear honest compliments, but giving always feels just a little bit better. Yay!

  2. This is so true! I've been trying to do more genuine compliments lately. Not the, oh cute shoes stuff. More like the, that blue necklace really brings out the color in your eyes stuff. Things that are true, but not just throw away if that makes sense. I think it makes a much bigger impact. Also trying to comment more on facebook/instagram instead of just liking. Anyone can like, it takes less than a second! It takes way more thought to compose a statement!

    1. You are right on!!! I feel like we can all just "like" something but to actually speak you voice, with words, there is so much power. :)


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