Thursday, August 4, 2016

I confess...

...I've been waking up with a scratchy throat--allergies still?? #overit

...I'm not sure how a week has gone by again already; I feel like I JUST wrote my confession post!

...We had a freaking ball at the Luke Bryan concert. For a few minutes I almost felt 21 again!

...I still find it amazing how time does help us grow, change, heal and move forward.  

...I've been leaning into this guru/gem lately.  She helps me fill my heart with radiance

...Super excited to mail out some goodies for my friend Rachel to host a Stella & Dot trunkshow! We will have to facetime but it will be super fun.  Well, let's be real; it'd be more fun to fly out there to Cali, but we can't have it all, can we?

...Joe's got his tent sale again this weekend and so we are having a pool party today at one of the other wives' houses.  Kids and momma time!

...I still haven't gotten back into the swing of working out on the reg.  I got up and out of bed to walk the dog before 7, but I know I need to move more.

...sometimes I really wish we were having a 3rd...but then I realize how much I didn't love being prego! haha No, but really...I love our two little ones and I think we have the perfect combo.

...I've been drinking tea like it's my job.  Herbal. Green. Chai. Earl Grey. I love them all!

....I decided to give my skin a break with the whole fake tanner (it was becoming a bit layered) and wow. I can't believe how little sun I've gotten this hot sunny summer! (yay for not burning either!)

...I'm nervous about my sister, as she approaches the end of her hospital stay. Extra prayers, healing love and energy are always welcome.

... I reeeeeeeeeally wish we lived on our land.  Like, yesterday. three year old is really starting to voice her opinions; what a balance between allowing her to find her voice and teaching her to be respectful!

...I rocked baby boy last night before bed; I didn't want to let him go.  He bumped his head and shut his fingers in the drawer right before bed--poor little guy! He's so tough, but still my little bubs.

...Joe told me a "sad statement" as he put it.  He heard, "One day you will pick your child up and put him down, and never pick him up again."  Cue the tears.

...I cannot believe how hard it is for us to put ourselves first sometimes.  I was helping a lady with a 24 day challenge she just ordered, she just has a hard time justifying taking the time (to cut up healthy fruits/veggies/meal prep...) and I explained to her that it is really the best investment for herself and for her kids.  Once you start taking care of your health, it's a win win all around! Then I found myself staring at myself in the mirror, thinking that while I have my physical health under control, I really need to continue working on my emotional well being.  It's not selfish to want to be happy and to learn to rid feelings of guilt, when no wrong has truly been done.  On that note, I am working on meditation and yoga...still working on those chakra centers!

...You can't pour from an empty cup. So fill 'er up!

Happy Thursday and embrace today. 


  1. I feel ya on hating being pregnant! While I am super blessed that I am pregnant again I hate being pregnant!

  2. I liked being pregnant...well parts of it. The belly kicks, being able to eat more, growing a baby, but hated the belly stretching, the itching on my belly, the feeling heavier than a truck, etc. I am not sure if I want another either. I really hope your sister does well as she gets closer to leaving. That statement Joe made makes me sad too. I love holding my babies and they don't let me do it enough.


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