Sunday, August 14, 2016

House Goals #2

Building a home.

We haven't even met with a builder yet and I'm still just having fun with tearing out pictures or finding ones online of houses.  It's fun to say yay or nay with hubby and really discuss what we prefer over what we really don't love.

I haven't written anything about our dream home since this post here. 

I think we're still leading towards a side loading garage, but this looks cool too!

I'm still really researching kitchens.  I'm fairly certain I don't want two islands, but rather one really large one.  I don't know if I need 2 sinks.  I don't like exposed beams or the hanging light fixtures; and while I want a wine fridge, I think I'll store the rest of the wine in a temperature controlled area of the basement.  I do however, love the light counter tops and the cupboards.

My favorite spot in our current home is our back deck. It's seriously like a little sanctuary.  We can't see the parking lot because of all the trees, and it's pretty quiet since school is out of session.

One of our favorite things is to go to the land and walk around where things will be built.  It's so important to decide which way we want to face; the sunset is gorgeous here!

It's so funny because one day we are totally chill and love just dreaming and the next we are both like, "UGH! Why are we not living here yet!?"

{as I type this, Joe is currently out there working on the trails again.}

I absolutely love these huge windows. I want as much light to filter into the livingroom (and the kitchen!) as possible.  We also want high ceilings.  This furniture isn't really our style (the color) but I love how crisp all of it is and how there's an accent.

I need to look a little more into this contraption!  Is one of these a warming oven? A microwave? Holy smokes!  This back counter/stove top is essentially what we'll have though, so that's cool!

This is the idea of how open we would like it.  Like I said though, we don't want to do the double islands...and the side eating area will be one large table (no formal dining room).  I don't like all the different colors going on back there in the kitchen either, or the lights.  BUT the open layout is spot on!

Patio and a pool in the back...or would we go with a wrap around deck and a pool?

This will be the biggest project we will work on together and I am so excited.  


  1. And once its all built expect a visit from us! Maybe you should add on a guest house?

  2. Eeeeepp! Jenn, now you've got me daydreaming about dream houses! :) When do you and Joe expect to begin building? I feel like I'd be changing my mind every day! And your land looks absolutely beautiful. So tranquil and relaxing.

  3. We built our home; unfortunately it wasn't built as our forever home. It's our first home and we selected from mostly builder's grade items, but it was still so much fun!!

  4. I love decorating homes. We are redoing our kitchen (well in the process of getting a contractor to do it) and I can't wait to see it all come together. That oven with app is pretty cool!


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