Friday, August 5, 2016

Fashion Friday {gone country}

It's been awhile since I've put on the country stations. I'm not sure why, but for some reason when I went for a lonesome drive a few weeks back in June, I turned it on.  I laughed, I cried and call me crazy but I feel like sometimes a higher power, the divine, God, whomever...speaks to me through {country} music.

It happened when I was pregnant with Bradley and I was on the way to the gender ultrasound and I said, "give me a sign.  I really think we are having a boy!"  Low and behold, a Brad Paisley song came on--and I just knew for sure that ultrasound would show a little man!

Maybe it's the fact that my heart longs to be out in the middle of nowhere and raise our children in lots of land to run around on.  To cultivate big gardens and lots of self-sufficient necessities (eggs, chickens, I want goats, but I'm still working on Joe for that one!)

Our little country bumpkins to be.

I want them away from the hustle and bustle; I want us to all have a place to retreat.  These last few months have been so trying for all of us, and I cannot tell you how incredible it's been to back off from social media.  Sure I still like to hop on and check things out, but there is so much living to do, sometimes you need to step away.

Bubs helping Daddy clear trails.

Even Brookie was helping out! Daddy was posting No Trespassing Signs.

I'm going so country lately, we even got tickets to a Luke Bryan concert with my sis and some friends! I figured Joe wasn't exactly thrilled to be going at first, but to be honest? I think he had a way better time than he thought he would!  It was a blast and a little different; we are really embracing the different these days.  It's so easy to become all stuck in our ways, but sometimes that is exactly what we don't need.

So of course, in Jenn fashion, I needed a pair of cowboy boots!  I found a super cute (and great deal) online at Macy's.

I wore my camo keeper with "love", aviators & a wine glass. I also wore my double wrap black keeper with the arrow going forward.

It was super hot (of course!) So I just did the plain black tank and pink bralette from VS.

Keep earrings & tassel necklace.

This was my, "We are leaving!" text to my sis since she bought our tickets-we were meeting them there.

Trying to get a good pic of my boots was tricky!

We parked on the opposite side of where my sister and her husband parked.  Instead of taking the road like normal people, Joe and I walked a path in the woods, then had to walk off of the path and into prickers/bushes...and finally hopped a fence.  We found each other though!

This girl is the reason I even like country music! Ann and I met our freshman year at Fredonia State.  She is from the middle of no where and introduced me to Tim McGraw.  I was obsessed with his CD.

I had my heart set on a hat and my sis got one too.  Gotta protect our skin from that crazy sun!

It was so fun to get all of us together! We lost them by the time the show started but I'm impressed we grabbed a photo and actually found each other.

How incredible was this sunset? I mean...breathtaking.  I felt like the universe was just smiling down at all of us.  Reminding us how powerful and infinite life is.

We had lawn seats and couldn't exactly 'see' much of Luke himself, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  We could dance around and sing and look at this gorgeous view.

Thanks again for my awesome birthday present Bri!

Seriously love this song.  I love my "country boy" (even though he can also be a city boy!!)  I love that Joe and I can have the best of both worlds.


  1. I'm sure it is no surprise to you but I love me some country music. Honestly that is really all we listen to. That and christian music.Even #babybigtruck loves to rock out to country music! All 3 of us have cowboy boots and eventually all 4 of us will! Country is the only way to go in my book! Annnnnnd as you know Luke is the reason for #babybigtruck! :)

  2. As you know we are big time country fans over here in the Bennett house!! Glad you had such a great time at Luke, he puts on an amazing show!!

    1. Haha yes I know!! He was amazing. I definitely am so pumped we went!!

  3. You look great! I love the cowboy boots.


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