Thursday, August 18, 2016

Miracle Morning

The other morning I was in looking through books on my kindle and I came across a book I had never heard of before.  I bought it rather quickly, (thank you Amazon) and for an extra dollar or so, I had it added to my audible account.  {I tend to listen more than sit and read as of late!}


I feel like the universe has definitely been trying to tell me to get up earlier.  I don't know if I would call myself a morning person, but I have always been really good about getting up early...until I had kids.  After I had Bradley, sleep was really hard to come by, as he was not a great sleeper.  In fact, I think my body was still trying to catch up on all that missed sleep up until a few months ago!

Now, that said, I am always up by 7am, which is still early for most people!! But, in the land of littles, a working hubby and my stay at home life, 7am means time to take care of everyone else and no time for me.

I kept saying to my husband that when Brooke goes to pre-school this Fall, one thing I do not want happening is the whole rushing out the door/stressed out mornings.  We really enjoy our morning time together and the last thing I want to be doing is fighting with her to eat her eggs and get dressed.

Mind you, she's up now at 6:15 pretty much daily, so waking her will not be a problem.  I was more concerned how I will walk the dog, iron clothes, make breakfast, get her ready and feel like myself a little more.

Everything I continue to read, listen to or watch, has told me that in order to be successful, I must wake up early.  OK, but how?? I wake up then what?  What is the best way to start my day so I am on the right foot??

Enter this gem:

As with anything, there's no shortcut, excuses or BS that can help you become the best version of yourself.  In this quick book he explains a little way to start your day.  {By the way, his story is similar to my husband's and quite inspiring!  Talk about falling down and climbing your way up to the top!!}

So here is what he says to do.  Wake up an hour earlier.  Can't do that? Well, then aim for a half an hour earlier.   Drink a glass of water (we are dehydrated from not drinking overnight).  Get up and get dressed or shower.  Get out of your bedroom. Break your hour down into these 10 minutes each.


Not many of us will actually sit in silence doing nothing.  We have so many distractions, we rarely clear our heads.  If you can sit down and just be for a few moments, it will set your tone for the rest of the day.  {I'll admit, I just started implementing these and this one I still do in my bed. I try not to grab my phone or kindle, but just start being grateful for things in my life listen to my inner self.}

Write out positive affirmations and read them aloud.  "I am a morning person."  "I am patient."  "I am a published author."  Whatever you believe, you become.  A few positive and inspirational affirmations will help your morning turn into a beautiful day!

Where do you see yourself going today?  What sort of plans do you have laid out?  What about tomorrow?  Next year?  What are some goals a dreams?  Taste, feel, smell, hear ---try to actually picture yourself being whatever it is you want to become.  {one for me is our new house! I keep trying to visualize where it is I want to live.}

I loathe working out in the morning. Always have.  For 10 minutes though?? I have been doing some light yoga stretches and just trying to get that blood flowing. I  also walk the dog so that helps too.  If I can squeeze in a workout later, I do that too!

Pick up a motivational book.  {Not just the latest chick lit!} Obviously the one I have been reading is The Miracle Morning---next up on my list is The Diamond Process.

Write.  Get a pretty journal or a $.59 spiral notebook and write.  You could just journal what comes to mind, you could write a book, you could just jot down some goal, just put words on a paper! {today I am actually blogging!} 

Here's the kicker; a lot of you will say, "I don't have the extra hour, I get up so early as it is."

Then do it for SIX minutes.  

Sit in silence for a minute, read your affirmations one minute, visualize something for a minute, do jumping jacks or yoga stretches one minute, read one or two pages, and write for one minute.

NO excuses.

So my mornings are starting to look more like this...

I've added an essential oil; today is "Grounding."  I have my full cup of water, my green tea and lately I've been getting into Angel Oracle Cards.

I shuffle the deck and choose a card.  Today this card came up twice; once when I opened the box and then when I split the deck to choose a card.

Whatever comes to mind, I acknowledge and think about throughout the day.  Kind of cool...

This has come to me at a perfect time in my life.  I cannot control what is going on around me; I am going through some stuff, just to say...but this is helping me stay centered and at peace.

I told my husband last night, despite all of the negativity surrounding us and all that is going on within our lives, I have never been more at peace.  And that to me is something I have never really felt before, so whatever I am doing must be working and I will continue working on myself.

I want to give my children and my husband the best version of me; they deserve it.  I deserve.

Love yourselves and have a beautiful day friends!

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  1. I love this! I hope it really helps you feel your best! You are a great mama and wife!


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