Friday, August 12, 2016

Day 6: Dance

Sometimes ya just need to move and groove.  Pull up your favorite song and just start dancing around.  Dance like no one is watching, or record yourself so someone is!

It's no shock that I love to dance.  Anyone who knows me, knows it's probably my favorite thing to do!  While I am struggling to get into an adult class (that whole selfish/me time!) I can dance any time or anywhere, especially while I am home!

My favorite thing is when we'll be eating dinner all together, listening to Sinatra, and Joe will pull me up out of my chair.  It instantly lifts my soul and we have a great time twirling around the kitchen. 

I know that when the kids get a little grumpy or seem like we need a mood change, this is exactly what we do.  Joe will play videos and I'll throw on Pandora.  We love Kidz Bop music channel or even the top hits (I censor them).

The kids requested Rio (it's their favorite movie right now! We have seen it a million times!) So here ya go. Perfect for Friday.

Dance away my friends, dance away!

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