Saturday, August 13, 2016

Day 7: Finish Something!


Today concludes my 7 day video challenge.  I am so excited I could hardly contain myself.


All too often we get caught up in 500 different things, going 300 different directions. 

That. Drives. ME. Crazy.

I have noticed however, when I make a real effort to complete a task, I feel SO awesome!
Finish a book.

Finish a to do list. (We did this yesterday and literally high fived each other!!)

Complete a workout schedule.

Sell that certain amount of product (jewelry, in my case!)

Make a new meal, (plan, shop, prep, cook, eat!) 

Choose something applicable to your life and follow through.

Whatever it is, enjoy what you've chosen through the process and feel the incredible energy after you've finished.  You'll be flying high my friends!

Happy Saturday!

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