Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Positive Pins

I will admit, with 5(ish) weeks left of pregnancy,
I haven't been the most comfortable person in the world.
I could go on and on about it...
and I'll most likely share these symptoms in my next "bumpdate"
But for now,
I continue to work on my mental attitude.
It's the only thing I can control right now!!
We wanted a baby.
I so badly wanted to be pregnant.
I got what I wanted.
I need to focus on the positives and make these last
few weeks of my pregnancy as best as I can.
These are the last few weeks...
 my husband and I can go wherever, whenever,
without having to hire a babysitter.
...I can lay on the couch and watch tv.
...I can read a book.
...Or many books!
...I can feel my baby girl moving around inside me.
...I can take a shower alone.
In peace.
...I can leave the house without a car seat, blankets, binkies, stroller, diapers...
...I can sit here and blog without any interruptions.
        So you see?
The hip pain, the gas, the sleepless's all about perception.
Soon I'll be dealing with cracked nipples.
Sorry, TMI.
But it's true!!
I've been listening to this a lot...
It's the first "self-help" audio my husband introduced me to,
back when we first started dating in 2008.
I thought self help meant you were broken,
and that people only listened to stuff like this if they have issues.
We all have issues!!
It's how we deal with them that matters.
I'll put this on and listen to it before I do dishes, or clean...or when I'm feeling cranky.       

And I'll leave you with some quotes that are helping me.
It's all about attitude people!
Hope you make the right choice to be happy today.
Have a great Wednesday! 
Source: via Anaikia on Pinterest

Source: via Jeff on Pinterest

Source: via Linnea on Pinterest


  1. What a great attitude to have! Keep it up girlfriend and relish these last few weeks.

  2. Awe great pins!!! You are doing awesome! Hang n there! It will be so worth it in the end!! and you won't even remember the discomfort! :)

  3. These are awesome pins!! Such great motivation :) You'll make it, hang in there!!

  4. Those last few weeks are the hardest!! Just relax as much as you can!! (and they have good cream for cracked nipples) :-)

  5. Love these! They are so uplifting!

    You're almost there girlie!!

  6. Life is all about our perspective - and I love how you're keeping such a positive attitude!! You should cherish being pregnant... you don't have many months in life when you will be :)

  7. aw love it! You put so much in perspective just now.. I'm far from this point but now you got me cherishing these next 6ish months! :) So excited for you and can't wait to see your lil beautiful girl!

  8. lovely quotes. I love the positive perspective:) I know it's not what you wanna hear but really enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy and continue to bond with baby. It's weird once you give birth, you almost feel empty. You will never have these moments with your baby girl again. cherish them:)


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