Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving Thanks, Football, & Shopping!

Happy Tuesday!
Just a few more days and we'll be dining on a 
deliciously prepared meal with friends and family.
With music playing,
glasses clinking,
memories will be made.
This will be the last Thanksgiving as "just a married couple."
Next year, our little girl will be trying some of these foods!!
I'm so blessed and cannot wait to experience all that comes from now til then...
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I have so much to be thankful for this year,
it's almost overwhelming. 
I remember a year ago, as I drank wine and moped that I still wasn't pregnant...
It's easy to forget how much it hurt to see so many people around me have babies,
while I patiently/impatiently waited for it to be my turn.
As much discomfort as I am in,
I would not change any of it, so long as baby girl arrives safe and sound.
So I try to remember that no matter how rough life seems,
I have come a long long way.
Some where some place, someone else is feeling upset about something I once did.
Yes, we should be grateful every month of the year...
but I think it's safe to say, as holidays near,
our heart strings are tugged on a bit tighter.
A tear sheds a tad easier,
and it's just natural to want to be grateful for simple every day things.
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On a silly sports related note...
Anyone else see that game last night?!!?
I'll admit, I still don't know all the ins and outs of football.
I know a lot of the 49er players and I know the basics.
I'm now working on learning all of the different names of positions and their purposes.
I can tell you, I was a little nervous about the backup quarterbacks 
and how our team would do...
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But he was phenomenal! 
I never really cared for football because no one really taught me the game.
I think my husband actually enjoys teaching me about it,
so long as I don't annoy him too much during the games hehe.
There's something special about being able to enjoy a team together
 and be excited about all of it...
Although it's way  more fun when we win!!
These two, the "Smith brothers" were something else last night!
It was so fun to watch.
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I also want to gloat for a minute and say that I'm about 90% DONE 
with my Christmas shopping!!
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This is unheard of.
I can be the biggest procrastinator most of the times.
since I have no control over when little miss makes her arrival,
I figured I'd rather stock up on gifts,
take my time to wrap.
I will admit that Amazon has become my best friend.
You can't beat free or minimal shipping,
and waddling is just so painful.
I'd share what I bought,
but I know many of these people read my blog!!
I did get some shopping done at stores,
but I am very appreciative of online shopping.
Can I rant a second about Black Friday?
I feel like it's being made to be such a big deal...
and overshadows Thanksgiving in a way...
I don't know. 
I'm just old fashioned and sometimes 
I just don't like where society is headed.
But that's another post, for another day.
I won't be standing in lines;
never have.
Never will.
Clearly it's the last place a prego should be anyway.
I don't like the craziness and madness that comes with it!
I may however peruse online "Cyber Monday"
since I have a few people left on my list.
How are you doing with your shopping?
Do you have a lot left or do you shop all year long?


  1. Um. I'm jealous that you are almost done Christmas shopping! Things have been crazy around here and I haven't even put a dent in mine yet:( I've always been a football lover and started sports writing in 2008, after winning some awards for my writing I decided it was becoming a bit crazy with being a new mom and all. I put it on hold and have just been doing a few meet and greet events here and there. Football is awesome. It's such a passionate sport! I am venturing out for Black Friday! It's something my mom, sister and I always do and it's become quite a tradition. :) Hope you and the family have a great Thanksgiving love!

  2. You have so much to be thankful for this year! So happy for you. :) I love Amazon too. It's where I do most of my shopping. I don't have the patience to fight the crowds at the mall.

  3. I usually start my Christmas shopping for my friends in the summer when there are a lot of festivals and art fairs here. It's neat to try to buy creative presents! However, this year I didn't get my first present until October!! I was a slacker this summer!! lol I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! :)

  4. So crazy to think you'll be a family of 3 at the next Thanksgiving ;) I'm so glad you are learning and loving football- you know I'm a little obsessed, hehe!

  5. 90% done great job I've seriously only bought 2 gifts dangit


  6. I so love everything that Thanksgiving stands for :)

    And as for Black Friday- MUCH agreed! I actually totally loathe Black Friday because I am a true shopaholic! :) I feel like everyone is infiltrating MY favorite shops and stores...sort of like the people who make church all crowded and uncomfortable on Christmas and Easter? Lol

    I'd rather just pay full price and avoid the crowds, jostling, and early morning hours.

  7. Beautiful post, Jenn :) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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