Monday, November 5, 2012

My Week in Meals

So here are my thoughts.
I find it hard to always keep up with the meals I hope to make.
So, I figured I could at least share what I do end up making.
Here's what I made last week as far as food...
Or what we ate as meals.
Pretty lazy day!
Joe baked chicken wings in the oven w/ homemade BBQ sauce
I just made us (organic) chicken in a can sandwiches for dinner.
[sorry no photos of that pathetic meal day!]
 Potato Cheese Soup
Chicken Bruschetta
served with Garlic Knots
Baked Oatmeal
I drizzled some maple syrup on it. 
This is great to make and re-heat too!
Homemade Applesauce
 {Peel, core, cover with water, a little sugar, boil, & smash.}
Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast
Great for leftover sandwiches!!
Gourmet Mushroom Risotto
The risotto was good, I still prefer Giada's lemon though.
I made a salad & served canned cranberry sauce with it.
Only 'new thing' I made today was gravy.
Take the drippings/juices from turkey and place in fridge overnight.
Skim off fats/run through a strainer.
Bring the juice to a boil, add a few tablespoons of water & flour.
Serve with leftover turkey on open face sandwiches.
White for him.
Whole Wheat for her.

Served with a salad & leftover mushroom risotto.
Easy peasy!
I just wanted cereal...
I made Joe "Bacon Pasta" for lunch.
I didn't feel too hot today, so I ordered a pizza.
I had avocados on their way out,
hamburger to use up,
and some tortillas...
Tacos it was.
My husband is the most meticulous taco maker, ever.
  My friend came out for my baby shower, so we went out for sushi
{I had hibachi}
My baby shower--
so I ate there and we just had PB&J for a later dinner.
This week??
No clue.
I'll make a menu plan up, grocery shop and see what I come up with.
My hips are KILLING me.
So, super easy and tasty is most likely on the menu!
Any suggestions?


  1. I'm hungry, and just read your blog. Now I'm starving! LOL Everything looked so delicious!!

  2. I need a taco! Is it okay if I come over for dinner?

  3. Applesauce has been a craving of mine..I may just attempt to make my own:)

  4. Yummmm! You are such a great cook!! Joe is a lucky man!

  5. I always read this posts and think, "Oh my GOD. Jenn is amazing, and I wish she was my own personal chef."

    These all sound and look delicious! I think few things are better than potato soup in fall and winter :)


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