Friday, November 16, 2012

Brooke's Baby Shower

I guess I needed a little blogging break...
{and possibly a new computer, as my laptop is rather temperamental!}
I've been enjoying having my husband around more this week,
and am rather sad his stay-cation is coming to an end.
I don't have a ton of photos from my baby shower, 
--waiting on some from my mother-in-law---
But I still wanted to share a few from our iPhones!!
It was a beautiful event put on by my 
mother-in-law Maria
step-mother Tricia
and my sister Brianna
 I found an adorable black lace dress from 
Motherhood Maternity.
I threw the pop of pink scarf on, well because baby is a girl!!
I also wore black flats from Land's End.
My shower was at a local country club.
It was the perfect sized room and everything was lovely!
An adorable banner...
Tables had pink accents and little eiffel tower name card holders!
They are perfect for cute photos,
and Brooke's nursery isn't 'themed'
but I do have a little Paris going on in there!!
 Everything had a spot.
 Outside of the room was the buffet.
Rolls, croissant, danishes
Cheesy scrambled eggs
French toast
It was so delicious!
I also had requested mimosas (and they had bloody Mary's too)
for those to sip on while we gathered for this event.
I always love it when there's a little somethin to drink.
And most importantly hehe
Pink Velvet Cupcakes
  Our family friend made the tutu to go around it,
and the same lady who made our wedding cake
made these adorable and delectable cupcakes.
There was sparkle frosting.
They were amazing!
There were cute little pink diaper pins we all wore...
Here's one shot of my step-mom and my sister
and one of my "girls' night gang"
One 'special' gift I received was wrapped in a box,
with a card saying it was from my baby, Brooke.
My adorable niece was helping me unwrap it,
poor thing,
as we unveiled what was inside...
A disposable diaper with poo.
No, not actual poo!
My mother in law likes to be funny.
She puts spicy mustard and chocolate covered raisins,
mushed up and inside a diaper.
It was priceless.
I guess she did it a lot when my husband was younger,
for baby showers she would attend,
and so he requested it.
My niece was still asking about the poopy diaper later in the night!
It was a lovely day and we are so blessed 
to have so many wonderful people in our lives.
My friends and family went above and beyond
to put on such a special event.
This little girl is going to be styling too, 
with all the amazing clothes she received!!
Thank you everyone who has been a part of this baby's life,
and to think she's not even here yet!!?
I'm beyond ecstatic for her to arrive.


  1. It looks so beautiful! Love that dress. So glad you had a special day. :)

  2. Hahah the poopy diaper is disgusting and hilarious ;) Love that she did that, too funny! And everything else is SO beautiful, including you miss momma!! Your dress is gorgeous and you are seriously stunning!

  3. omg! i love the poo diaper!!! priceless... and lets talk about how good you look in the black DRESS!!!

  4. what a wonderful baby shower!! i love the sign welcoming you to the shower. and yummy pink velvet cupcakes sounds great, next up, she making her appearance into this world!

  5. Looks amazing! I love your dress! You are stunning. Wow. Love the poo diapers! :)

  6. I've been waiting for baby shower pix ..slacker ;) just kidding! I love everything, so classy and you look beautiful. That dress is so cute. I was at Motherhood this weekend (yes, already..) and seen a similar dress and was thinking it would be cute for Christmas. only a few weeks now girl

  7. You looked like you were glowing in your beautiful outfit! I'm glad you had a great shower! :)

  8. What a fun shower! Your dress is amazing!

  9. Everything looked so perfect and pink!

  10. Jenn-I LOVE your baby shower outfit! It's gorgeous! And that touch of pink? Just perfect!

    Looks like such a beautiful, fun, and memorable shower. I may have gagged at the fake poo- I am BAD with that stuff! Hahaha

    I cannot believe how soon Brooke Lynn is going to be here!!

  11. How fun!! Glad you had a wonderful baby shower!! Can't "wait" to meet her!! :)

  12. What a lovely party! Those cupcakes look amazing--yum! I'm liking all the Paris stuff even though the nursery isn't "themed" per se.


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