Friday, November 2, 2012

31 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along:
31 Weeks
Infinity Scarf: Express
Shirt/Pants: Motherhood Maternity
It's weird. 
Sometimes I feel unbelievably huge.
Other times I feel like, oh yeah, I'm definitely going to get wayyyyy bigger.
Wrap: ON Maternity
Jeans: Motherhood Maternity
Tank: Target
Today at the nail salon I got,
"Wow, you look like you're due in 2 weeks!"
Baby is the size of a pineapple:
Weight Gain:
I have not stepped on the scale.
Maybe I'll check it out...
I'll wait until the next Dr. appointment
How about my favorite maternity??
Motherhood Maternity Velour pants/zip up hoodie
ON wrap {pic above}
Gap Leggings
My PINK boyfriend sweatpants.
I also started wearing this contraption:
It actually does help 'hold' the bump up.
I suggest you get one if your load is getting heavy!
Stretch Marks:
Still lubing up & crossing fingers!
Good to go so far...
Some good nights, some bad.
Yesterday I really took it easy, felt lousy all day...
I slept a lot last night and felt great today!
I'm back to napping again...
Best Moment of the Week:
With all the hurricane talk, we were VERY fortunate nothing really bad happened here.
I found my baby shower dress---It was totally meant to be.
Today while hubby went hunting I got a mani/pedi...
I stopped at Trader Joe's for my first time;
LOVE it there!
{Now obsessed with their artisan cheeses & croissants. }
I also stopped at the dairy farm for my cream top whole milk...oy!
We also got this in the mail today!
Baby girl is always moving too.
I love feeling her wiggling and dancing.
I love that she's always with me.
Cheese, breads, milk I guess!
I'm still pounding water like it's my job--I'm so thirsty all the time.
Sugar cookies are my weakness.
I'm also eating spinach every day!!
I got a little teary last night...
I just didn't feel well and 9 more weeks seems like so long.
But, I feel much better today so I guess if I get like that,
I just need to sleep and know it will pass & soon enough baby will be here.
I'm soooo looking forward to Sunday! 
Belly Button:
Weird and stretched out. 
I guess it's not going to pop out....
Wedding Rings: 
Still on and no real swelling in hands or feet.
Looking forward to:
 My friend Ann & her daughter coming tomorrow
because my baby shower is Sunday!!
I am  so excited to see all my friends and family in one place,
celebrating our beautiful baby girl!
I can't wait to see what my sister, mother in law and step mom have put together!


  1. you are looking mighty beautiful missy!! cant wait for you to post photos of your baby shower

  2. I don't think you're going to last another 9 weeks either. :) Have fun at your baby shower!

  3. I agree, you look gorgeous. I know that's totally not what you wanna hear but you are nailing the whole pregnancy glow thing. I'm with you on emotions, I've heard first trimester and 3rd trimester are the worst. You are not making this easier for me LOL I'm sooo excited for you and your shower! and I haven't been to get my nails done in weeks:( I'm totally slacking on the beauty stuff..:(

  4. You are just glowing!!! Getting so close to meeting your sweet girl!!

  5. You are beautiful. Oh gosh I can't wait for her to come!! ;) yay!! Have a great weekend mama!!

  6. Happy Baby Shower day, Jenn! <3 31 weeks?! Baby Brooke is going to be here so soon!

    I think Trader Joe's is one of the happiest places in the world. My local TJs has THE nicest employees, and I just love walking around there and perusing all of the different items. They have the best frozen Indian meals, and I cannot say enough about their fun wine selection! Whenever I stop in there, I leave in a great mood :)

    That is amazing that your hands and feet haven't been swollen! I am so sensitive to swelling (and obviously not even pregnant!)... I wake up every morning and struggle to put my rings on! The worst is when I've had too much vino, and I can feel my feet throbbing in my shoes! Eeeesh! I can only imagine how bad I'll swell up if I'm ever pregnant someday!

    You're looking so beautiful! 9 more weeks to go! :)

  7. You are adorable!! Love that top!! And yes, Cinderella is a baby girl necessity!


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