Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Tree Tradition

Holiday Traditions
I have always loved Christmas, but when my parents divorced, what I had known as "traditions" changed.
It wasn't until Joe and I spent our first Christmas together that I really felt The Magic of Christmas again.
We try and get the tree the first or second weekend of December.
I have this thing, where, I really like it to be snowing when we get a tree. 
Even just a flake makes me so giddy!
Joe didn't have a tree here at this house until Sadie & I moved in.
Well, that just isn't an option.  I need a tree.
No fakes for us!!
In 2008: Our first tree
Let me tell you; when we successfully got through putting up that tree and the lights,
I felt like we could do anything as a couple!!
It was not as easy as we anticipated!! 
Angel Topper:
Growing up, my 2 sisters and I would want to fight over who put the angel on the tree.
My parents got smart and wrote down who's turn it was each year and we alternated.  
It was a big deal. I'll definitely remember that for our kids!
A little lean to the right...
 We always put these on Sadie & she always rips them off.
We always blast Christmas music & rap, pour some wine and go to town on the tree!
The magic of Christmas!
I just love the look on her face haha!
Christmas 2009~we were engaged!!
I loved that tree!
Christmas 2010:

Our newest addition last year:
Holly Holiday! 
That dress was too big last year and
I'm afraid too small this year!
I just realized each year we had different floors! 
Luckily the hardwood worked out and we still have that for this year.

We don't cut down our own tree, but we do pick it out at a local garden shop.
I can't wait to see what beautiful pine we'll bring home this year!
What's your tree tradition?
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  1. Love this. We do the same, music, wine. Perfect! Sadie looks adorble with the ears! And you are beautiful lady!

  2. Awww I love this too! Cute pictures.

  3. I love your trees. I have never had a real tree but want one! How long do they live usually?



  4. Your trees look awesome year after year!

  5. Love that you do a real tree! There is just something about the smell and the way putting it up makes you feel. We always fought over the star =) Even this year I was jealous that my brother got to put it up.

  6. oh you are so cute!! i love your christmas decorations, just so gosh darn cute!! love it

  7. Love your tree Jenn! :) We decided we are going to attempt a live tree next year!

  8. Awwww, what a fun tradition!! I wish we got a real tree, but we always do artificial!!

  9. Love your tree! And your fireplace looks so cozy! Happy holidays :)

  10. I am happy to see the 'magic' of Christmas lives on.. Happy Beautiful Christmas, Jennifer Lynn! Everything looks perfect!

  11. You two are just the cutest!! Love your trees! I've never ever had a real Christmas tree before, maybe next year?


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