Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stay healthy & Our Decorated Tree

Oh man. It has been a rough few days.
I loathe being sick.
I'm a cranky pants when I'm sick.
I love you honey xox
There is far too much that needs to get done and too many fun things that I want to do,
sickness, please go away.
Thank you.
I've being doing any and every natural {old remedy} medicinal practice I could think of:
  • sleep
  • colloidal silver
  • honey
  • gargling with sea salt water
  •  more sleep
  • drinking lots of fluids{gatorade, vitamin water, green tea} When I'm sick, I find it hard to drink water. Is that weird? I try, but it doesn't go down well!
  •  emergen-C
  •  organic throat lozenges
  • soups
  • even more sleep
  • sea salt crackers
  • organic wheat grass
  • fresh fruits/veggies
  • and sleeeeeeep.
And even some not so holistic approaches: Advil & Mucinex
I'm feeling a little better, but I am not myself yet.
I wrote my Christmas cards out.
We decorated our tree yesterday.
I even made a simple crock-pot pork chop recipe I'll share.
I did take a few more photos.

I keep changing the mantle, and when we have fires, I take down the stockings!
 I'm going to rest the rest of the night. 
I have Skinny Sweet Potatoes in the crock-pot and hubs is grilling organic filet mignons. 
I'll make a salad too.
Stay healthy--
eat all the fruits & veggies you can, 
don't get stressed, 
& get good amounts of sleep.
And enjoy the merriness that surrounds you.


  1. Feel better soon!! & I love your Christmas tree!

  2. I hope you feel better! My family has lived in our house for almost nine years and my parents still haven't used the fireplace because they don't want to "get it dirty" - how psychotic is that?

    xx Emily @

  3. Your tree is super pretty!

    Feel better soon.

  4. Feel better soon. Love the Christmas look on your blog!

  5. That is an amazing tree! I love how big it is. Your home looks so cozy for Christmas!

    And I really hope you get better soon Jenn! It sounds like you're doing everything right too...blahh! How frustrating! I (and every one of my five roommates) was sick last week. Misery loves company! Haha

  6. Hope you feel better! I am majorly jealous of your fireplace, btw! :)

  7. I've been battling a bug for about a week now and I can't wait til it's gone! There's so much I want to do and want to have energy to do...and this is my favorite time of year! No time to be sick! Glad you still got some things done!

  8. I hate being sick too! I feel a cold setting in and I am very upset about it because it is coming just on time for the Christmas holiday, hopefully it goes away fast!


  9. I was sick sick sick for almost the entire month of November and it was misery! I have a hard time wanting to drink water, too. It's not just you. Fresh fruits seem easier to pop and get nurtients in. Feel better!!!


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