Friday, April 12, 2013

Brooke's Bathroom Re-do!

Happy Friday!! Is it still raining where you are?? Our backyard is seriously a pond...we can't even let our dog Sadie out back on her dog run it's so bad! Plus she doesn't even want to go out it's so muddy.  Hopefully it will stop soon and the sun will come out!

I have been looking for a way to make our guest bath, "Brooke's bathroom" a little more girlie.  I love that we have a beach theme in there, but I didn't love the dark blue shower curtain/throw rugs.  It made it feel smaller and just kind of manly.  {Hubs had decorated before I came along!}

So, when I saw this shower curtain online at PBK, I almost died!

I wasn't sure if Joe would go for it, but when we were a the mall last weekend, I mentioned that I found something I loved.  Well, since it was for his little angel and mama was in love with it, it was hard for him to say no!

I didn't want to make it all matchy matchy, so while we bought the shower curtain at PBK, I ended up getting the rest of the decor at Home Goods.  I still need some pretty pink fluffy towels, but it's not like she uses them now anyway. Plus, I like finding things that I am 100% in love with and not settling.

 The pink rug is so squishy and feels amazing!!

I picked out these hooks and an eco-friendly clear plastic liner {no smell!!}

Whenever my husband and I go away to tropical islands, we collect seashells/decor to put in this bathroom.
We have a few blue candles and a picture I bought before we were even married.  I think I may put her lucky bamboo plant in here too; I love the green accents!
 My heart melts when I see her little pink baby bunny towel hanging next to this beautiful new curtain.

Color really does make a huge difference when trying to make a space seem bigger.  I am so so happy with how this turned out!  Now when we walk by, it just smiles.
We love making all things happy for our baby girl. I hope she enjoys it for years to come! {I know I will!}


  1. OMG that shower curtain is SO cute. Brooke is one lucky girl!

  2. The shower curtain is really cute!!! :)

    Tara @ Blessed Double Time

  3. I love the shower curtain you picked out--so so cute! I think it's really sweet how personalized you've made her bathroom with your collections from traveling. :)

  4. I'm OBSESSED with mermaids! Her bathroom looks ADORABLE!! I'm so jealous=)

  5. Hehehe, Brooke is already a girly girl. I LOVE IT!!


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