Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Randoms

Wooop woop Thursday!!  I am happy that the sun is shining, but could it just warm up a wee bit more? Next week looks like we will have 70's all week---that makes me SO stinking excited.  I think we may get a nice day Sunday too; let's hope!

Tuesday was a mix of cuddles and naps...

And mommy really needed a good cardio fix, so Daddy set up camp on the back deck to babysit.  {I cannot wait to get our deck furniture out of storage!}  I was so pumped after my run with the dogs, I ended up steam mopping our dining room floors...cray cray.

I tried to workout yesterday, but quite honestly I just wasn't feeling it.  I had a great ab sesh Monday with the beach ball workout and my abs were killing me!  I tried two different workouts, broke a bit of a sweat, but ended playing with Brooke, who was a dancing machine while I let her enjoy some nudey dudey time!

She even had her legwarmers workin for her!

I'm a bit leery of  doing ab work, as I am not so sure if my abs separated at my belly button. I try to do the "finger test" like all the sites suggest, and I think I may have some separation.  So, I am doing lots of planks and trying not to do too many crunches, but other forms of core work.    I'm not exactly following the Bikini Series to a "T" but it is making me feel motivated to workout and do what I can each day, and that has to count for something! I'm usually type A, but I'm slowly learning (thanks to baby) that sometimes you just gotta do what you can and not beat yourself up over it.  It's not about perfection, it's about progress, Jillian Michaels or something?!

I am excited to do the bikini strap workout today!

I enjoyed my acupuncture appointment, as it had been one full year since I had a real treatment!! I still have this ringing in my left ear, tinnitus, and my acupuncturist seems to think it's due to nursing and all the heat your body creates with the lack of estrogen and the large amount of progesterone it creates...which is interesting since I never had this problem before I gave birth??  So she cleared my heat with the needles and gave me some herb to try (which does taste disgusting) but it's worth a shot.

I went to the audiologist and she thinks it's due to hearing loss...which I have a little of, don't listen to loud music especially on your I-pod/phone!!!

The ENT is monitoring it and said to come back in's odd that the ringing is only in one ear and it's not the ear that was showing signs of hearing loss.  I'm not showing any signs of cerebral issues, she did a small series of tests, but it is still a bit odd/concerning.  I will get an MRI if it gets worse or doesn't go away.  Kind of scary...

It really annoys me, and I didn't even know such a thing existed?! The lead singer of Cold Play has it I guess...{if you know me, I always do a ton of research on things and I stumbled upon that in my reading} Apparently if you get it, it usually doesn't go away and there is no cure...I just hope it's nothing serious.  I am happy to still have my hearing, as I couldn't imagine not hearing my daughter's voice, laugh, etc. 

I'm just trying to stay positive with it and not think about it; it was nice when my friend was here all weekend; it really distracted me!  If I'm home alone without TV/music on or when I'm falling asleep it's the most annoying/problematic.

Anyone else deal with tinnitus or no someone who does?? It is an odd thing that I never imagined I'd have to deal with and I don't personally know anyone else who has it.

Seriously, don't play your music too loud, if that is what caused mine, I regret blasting my workout songs in my ear!  I make sure to not have anything too loud around Brooke now too. 

Enjoy your Thursday!


  1. My little sister has tinnitus and is completely deaf in one ear. It's a pain for her, but she just is used to the fact that she has to pay close attention with the other ear to hear. :) Sending good thoughts your way!

  2. I've never heard of tinnitus, I hope you have a positive experience with getting it treated! I'm in love with all the little leg warmers you put on Brooke. I think you have crazy motivation, I just hope I have as much as you once Savanna makes her arrival!

  3. :\ I've never heard of tinnitus! I'm so sorry you're having to deal with it. I hope things get better but I'm glad you're taking the steps to deal with it and get it taken care of. Sending happy thoughts and prayers your way!


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