Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Brooke Buys

Happy Tuesday!!

---Side note---I did my first TIU workout! {found here} I did the bikini beach ball workout 3x and that's all I had time for yesterday.....OH...MY...GOSH!!  My abs are killing me! I love love love it! I don't remember the last time my core burned like this. I can't wait to workout again today.  Thank you for your encouragement and sweet comments yesterday. I think I'll start every week off like that! I'm just sorry I didn't start this TIU sooner!  It's great to be able to pull it up on the laptop and stop/start as needed with the baby.  21 minutes total. So awesome.

Onto today's post::
I hadn't made a video in awhile, so I figured I'd do a quick one on our recent baby girl clothing finds.  I'm hoping the weather heats up and she can get into them soon!  I apologize in advance, I didn't know a friend stopped by, and that was why the dogs were going nuts...but I had already attempted this video a few times, so I was not re-doing it again. 

There is shot of "little" miss at the very end in a ruffle pink dress, legwarmers....

Happy viewing!!

 awesome screen shot

Marshall's/T.J. Max

I know you can't always scour the stores on your own;  if you're expecting a baby girl or know someone who is, maybe you'll find an outfit in this video you really love!! I'm noticing a weekend trend with 30% off lately at Gap; not sure if it's all the time, but keep those eyes peeled for sales. I didn't show them, but I bought an awesome pair of green broken in straight-leg khakis, ohmageeeeeeerd, love em!!

Have you found any super cute deals lately!?


  1. I can't believe she's in 9 month clothing already! That worries me because I have an excessive amount of 0-3 months and 3-6 months clothes. Hardly ANY 6-9 months. I have a feeling Savanna will be small though so hopefully she can stay in that size a little bit. I'm OBSESSED with GAP baby clothes, and that romper and matching hat? OH MY GOODNESS. ADORABLE. I paid way too much for a denim skirt at gap. :(

  2. So glad you loved the TIU workouts....I will definitely be trying those soon!

  3. YAY so glad you liked the TIU workout. And don't you wish you were on the beach like them!! :)

  4. Brooke is too cute! I do the Tone It Up workouts from time to time. I really like their meal plan too.

  5. Ok stupid question about the Tone It Up bikini beach ball workout... do you do the whole thing 3 times through or do you do each separate exercise the number of reps listed x 3 and then move on to the next exercise? Hope that makes sense!

    I've used TIU workouts before & enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing this one!


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