Friday, April 19, 2013

Brooke Weekly

This week was a good one!! I am so happy that weather is warmer {even though it may be 45 tomorrow....} It was so nice to get outside and go on walks. I've also been having so much fun dressing baby Brooke in summer-like clothes!! If it's still a little chilly, I just throw on a pair of leg warmers. I found a great deal on Baby Legs back in November and scored a bunch!!

I'm learning {daily} with this mommyhood thing. I've learned to not go just by "number sizes" alone, and to realize that I have a really big baby! My sweet bloggy friend Amber sent some of her gorgeous girl's clothes for Brooke to wear.  This adorable Ralph Lauren set is a "9 months".
Leg warmers from Baby
 I got the Robeez on for $13
Sunglasses from
My girlfriend Alison let us borrow her pink Bumbo.  I was surprised to see how well she fit! It didn't last but a few pictures, and I would never leave her unattended, but it was cute to see her in it.

Lovely little walk...She loves that little orange monkey!

We had a little diaper rash again this week; she just has such sensitive skin!! I am making sure to have "nudey dudey" time now each day; it cleared right up!!  She loves being naked...

 I love cloth diapers, but we still prefer disposable at night.  She needs to be changed every 1-3 hours; she sure poops a lot!!  I know that just means she's a healthy growing girl.

She loves being propped up on our bed, on top of her play mat...she watches The Food Network and falls asleep while I shower.
OOTD: Gap- Peter Rabbit collection from Aunt Kristin! (size: 6-9 month)
She was asleep before I got out of the house for this walk!  She woke up a mile into it though. I love those swaddle blankets to keep the sun from shining on her fair skin.

It was so warm yesterday I made a smoothie with my new blender!

It was so good! I used a scoop of vanilla soy protein, a few frozen strawberries & mango pieces, a large handful of spinach, some of the coconut water & Kefir.

I even made iced coffee with our K-cup machine.  YUM! Starbucks what? I cannot get over how much fun it is to have a little girl.  She's really starting to play a little more with toys and is just so curious. I look forward to many a warm weather day ahead!!
And a larger view of this shot---- This is also size 9 month...I fear she will be outgrowing it before July!? Kohls' line seems to run small. I think....or again, maybe I just have a really big 3 month old?!


  1. Oh my gosh she just gets cuter and cuter AND looking more like you!!!

  2. Savanna has the same outfit in the last picture :) SO adorable. I totally need to start making some smoothies..what are your favorite recipes?!

  3. The only brand that fits Pierce size & age is plain Carter's. Their discount brands at Target & Walmart run way too big (like at 7mo he was wearing 3-6mo sleepers) and Pierce is average weight, 90th percentile length. Ralph Lauren 6-12mo overalls swallow him & he wears 12mo Carter's rompers for the length. It's always a crapshoot

  4. Her leg warmers are adorable! That is the one thing I wish I would have put Avery in more.

  5. She is a doll!! Does everyone think she looks like you? She really does! I see a bit of Joe, too! I need to make healthy smoothies!! Your sweet girl is just going to be off the charts! Aubree always is! Having a girl is so fun:)

  6. she is perfect! #imgonnahaveabigbabytoo! you think mostly this summer she'll be in 3-6mos or bigger? our summers here in CA last until Octoberish so I'm hoping she's gonna have enough clothes! my shower is next weekend though so I'm sure I'm going to get plenty more! also still waiting on a babylegs sale! :)

  7. So cute! She's so pretty! We love our Bumbo seat and use it often (always under my supervision of course!) Sounds like you guys have a nice routine/schedule going. So fun!

  8. She is just too cute! Love her sunnies!


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