Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Foam Rolling

While I'm still trying to kick this sickness, here's my new favorite "workout" tool:

The foam roller.

If you're any sort of athlete, I highly suggest you get one!  I'm not a runner, but I hear it helps with injuries!! I'm just working on my 'prego probs'.  It's painful and hard so far, but I think the more I do, it will help.

I ordered mine off Amazon per my chiropractor's request.  You can find here HERE

It's amazing. I love feeling the tension release and it does massage out knots...but again, it is kind of hard on my problematic areas.  

For all my baby mamas, seriously get one of these bad boys after pregnancy!!

Here are two I'm using:

Any other You Tube videos you suggest?

Happy Rolling :)


  1. GUUUUUUUUUUUUUURL my foam roller is my best friend in the whole world. I LOVE using it to warm up my muscles before a work out and before bed.

    Rolling out my hips and back is divine!


  2. Totally buying one ASAP! I'm not gunna lie, working out (and I mean REALLY working out) not some lame yoga routine is something I miss most while being preggo. I really hope I heal fast and can get to some workouts shortly after baby!

  3. thanks for the tip! I bet I could use this now! I've had the worst knot in my back and can't get my back cracked or anything! :( <<that's one thing i miss during pregnancy!

  4. I LOVE my foam roller and my parents use their every day!! I also have this orange spiky ball that is my butts best friend!! :)


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