Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weekly Happenings

I love looking back on things we've done, so here's a bit of re-cap of the last week or so. 

This is the face of a nearly 3 month old who's already teething. No teeth have popped through, but they are there, under the surface and we can see them!! Poor little girl.
Trying to get a little fresh air on a cold spring day, while Daddy grilled some chicken wings!!

My little pink bundle.
Feeling a bit under the weather last week; she makes me smile.
Spring fashion:: All dressed up for a day date to the mall! This blazer kills me.
 Daddy's girl.
 Last weekend we took her to the mall and did a little shopping. 
 We enjoyed some tasty food from Bone Fish Grill. Kobe beef dumplings.
 Sun and warmth finally arrived last Sunday {4.7}
 Visited a park with my friend and her twins.
Tuesday we took baby girl to get an excersaucer and out to dinner.  {4.9}

She was so good, even when it was close to her bed time.  She's so excited to see all that is happening around her!
My new Gap khakis---LOVE them. I bought them 2 sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy size, but hell, they're not maternity and they have done wonders for my soul...I'll get there eventually.

Brooke's little dress is a size 6 month and is a tad short!! Girlfriend has a long torso.  I warned her daddy that she's going to be that tall girl who we constantly have to monitor how short things are because she'll be lanky!
 A mother's love.

 Wednesday brought on the rain. {4.10}  Our backyard is a bit watered down.
But we forged out anyway and went to visit Nana and Papa.
She just looked too darn cute to stay in.
 We had lunch with my step-mom at this yummy soup place!
Organic beef---so good!
We also stopped for a quick {3 minute tan}--this girl was in desperate need of some Vitamin D.

And then we went to Yotality...aka Heaven!
 Brooke really enjoyed it!  Fun and trendy seating, a fireplace, a TV...
 Any kind imaginable with any topping!! Where were one of these when I was in HS??
Yeah...butterfinger with the espresso/salted caramel mix.  this is why my old pants don't fit

Good news: I've been feeling MUCH better and just have little coughing fits from time to time.  I am so so so happy.  I look forward to building a fire and staying warm today, as it continues to rain/freeze rain down....You'll find me snuggling with my loves.  Happy Thursday!


  1. I LOVE that blazer!!! She is just sylin' that girl, like her mama! Hope the teeth come in and quit hurting her!! Such a beautiful girl.

  2. Her blazer is so so darling! And I love your Gap pants--perfect for springtime!

  3. Looks like you've been a busy little familia! =] Brooke is getting SO big already. Where does the time go?!

  4. O.M.G. That blazer!!!!

    Brooke looks so much like her mama, what a lucky little girl! Hope the teeth come in easily for her.

  5. She is so stinking adorable! You can totally see she has her daddy wrapped already!

  6. Brooke is SOOOO FLIPPING ADORABLE!!!! Her serious faces just crack me up!! And those cheeks!! oooh goodness, she's a beauty :)

    And you are looking SO GOOD, Jenn!! Seriously, you look amazing and you should be proud of how far you've come since you had her :) Keep it up, the rest will come off eventually!!

    P.S. could you please e-mail me your address?!!

  7. Such a fun day! I can't wait for our next girls day out! xoxoxo


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