Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Review

 Weekends go by far too fast!! Friday was nice; Joe let me sleep in until after 11.  Brooke got up at 6 for a feeding, but then I just felt like I needed a little more sleep to make sure I didn't get sick (again) and worn down. It was awesome!! I feel so much better now.  It rained all day Friday, so it was perfect to clean the house and get ready for some company.  {I could have dealt without the poo explosion all over my pants and our cream colored gider....but c'est la vie!} 

I bought this new throw rug for in front of the washer/dryer. I am in love with it!! It just adds a little feminine warmth to an area that I tend to spend a lot of time in! 

Friday afternoon the sun decided to show up to the party and it was perfect timing, as my husband pulled the grill out to do up some chicken wings!  We had some friends over and they brought their 14 month old little boy.  I can't wait until the babes can actually play together. 

Saturday brought a cloudy cool day.  Coffee and fruit standard breakfast essentials.

I was feeling really good, so I decided it was time to get moving again.  

I found this quick 20 minute yoga workout I used to do on the "Exercise on Demand" station on cable.  It's called Zen in Your Den, but with a barking dog and a crying baby, it's not too zen-like.  I still got a fab little yoga workout; I love the way it stretches you out.  It's a great one to keep in mind if you just don't feel like working out; it gets you to do something!!

Brooke and I then got ready and traveled out to the country to visit a mommy friend and her son.  We had a yummy organic salad for lunch at an adorable little coffee shop and went back to their house for a play date.

Brooke: Hey, I love putting my hands in my mouth too!!
Blake:  Hey girl, love the legwarmers!
 Brooke: My Daddy said not to let you touch me, you better stop!!
Brooke:  Yeah, for real. Mom's taking pictures again. Daddy's gonna see!
Blake: OK fine, I just thought they were cute.  Girls. Sheesh!

It was great to get out of the house and visit another new mommy!! We definitely have to make it a monthly thing.  The babies will be crawling around before we know it.

Saturday night my sister and her husband dropped by for a quick visit, as they were in the area for a party.  We drank a little wine and just hung out for a bit. It was really nice! It makes me wish we lived closer than we do.  I love family time.  Brooke loves her Auntie Bri!
After they left hubs and I talked about our FIRST FAMILY VACATION!!! It's already booked I am so freaking pumped.  It's not too far away, but just to get out of the house and venture around a new little area--we are so looking forward to our little family getaway...more on that later.

Sunday morning I went to Zumba and got a good workout in!! I must say though, it is SO difficult to keep up with all the bouncing with a post-pregnancy bladder and while breastfeeding. I wear 2 sports bras, and it still hurts like heck to try and do all the jumping jacks...oy!! I am proud that I went and worked up quite a sweat.

When I came home, my husband and I made Eggs Benedict.  It is seriously our favorite breakfast food! We both tend to order it when we eat breakfast out [which is a rarity  these days] so I figured we could give it a shot.
Not too shabby! We need to perfect our egg poaching abilities, but for the first run through, we were impressed. I also need to make homemade hollandaise sauce.

Brooke was a tad fussy yesterday, so after tending to her all day long and letting hubby nap {he's got a long work week with no assistant this week} he had to run out for a minute so I put him on dinner duty.
Here's a quick "Vine" video of our dinner last night!  Dinner!!

Follow me at "Bliss to Bean" on the Vine app.  It's usually just quick vids of my baby, dogs, husband, and food...Did you know your videos are then posted to the web? Yup.

It was a perfect mix of busy and relaxation this weekend.  What were you up to?  The weather is supposed to be warm again today, so I am looking forward to a long walk with little miss!! Happy Monday.


  1. Hi Jenn! Just hopped over to your blog and am your newest follower. Brooke is such a doll and I loved reading your The Knot story! How cool to be featured. :) Anyway, love the rug and I hope you'll stop by to follow back!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Love the baby "convo" lol I can't wait to start zumba again!

  3. awww so cute! and love the rug! love the little baby conversation!!!

  4. Sounds like you had a good weekend! The baby conversation is hysterical haha.

  5. What a GREAT weekend! Oh sweet babies... I always wonder what they are saying to each other! Do they really understand one another? Ha ha!

  6. I love your new rug--very cute! I love the conversation the babies had on their playdate. Hilarious. :)


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