Monday, April 22, 2013

Motivational Monday: Workouts

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  My girlfriend from college came out to visit and we had so much fun!! From shopping to Thai food and sushi, to just lounging around sipping coffee and chatting, it really makes me wish we lived closer! 2.5 hours is just too far.  But I am so happy she got to meet Brooke and spend some time with us! Her children are 5 and 6--soon to be 7! I cannot believe it. She has worked really hard to get her body back into shape after having two kids. It motivates me!!

We talked a lot about different workouts to try, from the whole Beachbody series {which my little sis just became a coach for, woo hoo!! I can't wait for her insight on more workout tips} to Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis program.
Now, I know that if I spent as much time actually working out rather than sitting and researching/reading about all these different programs, I would see results.  Easier said than done.  I just need to get into that groove; last night after Ann left I was dancing in the kitchen with my daughter to some Flo Rida station on Pandora, and that's all it took--just the right music and I was like I need to do something! So, after putting Brooke in her swing, I went back to the kitchen and did some old school Ballet moves--plies and what not.  I also looked on You Tube for some quick exercises to do before my chicken thighs were done.

I cannot get over how many exercises there are on there!! There is absolutely NO excuse for not finding some sort of workout, no matter how big or small, online.  You don't even need to own a DVD these days.  Of course not every workout can be found on You Tube, but come on.  Unless you don't have wi-fi, get on it!!

So here were my quick kitchen exercises whilst waiting:
Yes, I did the beginner, but there is an advanced for you hardcore folks! {I feel it today...lame, I know.} I muted her and just mimicked her moves, and listened to my Flo Rida!! Joe maybe laughed at me a bit, but whatevs.  I am sure the neighbors get a kick out of me too. 

I also have seen others doing Tone it Up series. You can find their site here...TIU I think I may take part in their Bikini Series, which starts tomorrow.  They seem like fun, positive role models {with amazing bods}. Something new to try, I figured...

I still love Yoga and my walks with the dogs or Brooke.  But I am ready to add more to my workout plate.

I love Zumba--it was my FAVORITE way to burn calories by far; but I will admit my post-baby bladder and my breastfeeding ta-tas, do not love the bounce, bounce, bouncing for an hour straight.  Plus, it's harder to get to a class with Joe's work schedule. I am lucky to make it to one class a week.  So I'm going to challenge myself to workout 6 days a week--and by workout I mean DO SOMETHING! I may not be running miles or killing it in a gym with weights, but I will move and just get active. 

::As for the actual baby weight:::
The scale still hasn't budged.  I'm still 18 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight and then another 10 away from my 'goal' weight. 

 However, I am only 1 size away from per-pregnancy pants, which is odd, if the scale isn't moving?  I'm trying not to get hung up on numbers, but you know we look at that scale.

My milk production is still going strong and I am trying to cut some of the 'bad carbs' and replace them with the good and add more lean protein.  I'm going to start doing a salad twice a day {Or a salad and a green juice} and really monitor my snacking.  I eat smaller meals all day, but perhaps I could tweak a snack or two.  I do try to eat when I'm hungry, as my milk production is the most important to me above all else.

 I'm still drinking a lot of water all day/night long.

I never eat fast food, ever.  {OK, the worst we do is Chipotle and that's only once in a great while for me.}

 I don't drink pop either.  {I'd rather have a glass of vino!}

So that's where I'm at.   I'm feeling much more confident, and my sweet husband even told me I looked skinnier today, woo hoo!  It may have been my black yoga pants though. But it was still nice to hear! 

And since I don't have a fancy pants trainer, I must motivate myself.  Here is how I'm kicking my own booty into action!!

~~Some motivation for you to workout this week~~



  1. LOOOOOOOVE this post! I love finding little 30 min or less circuit workouts on Pinterest too. I've heard GREAT things about the Tone It Up workouts so I need to check those out too. Love my Zumba!

  2. So happy you are getting motivated! Love those quotes!

  3. GREAT motivation! You are awesome. I am doing Tracy Anderson's method right now (the preggo one) and I LOVE it. I think I will do the metamorphosis afterwards for sure! I do love the TIU workouts too!

  4. Don't you wish the research we did on workouts burned calories too

  5. Love that JM quote! she came to Tampa last week and I got to see her speak, she's so inspiring!

  6. Well now you have me motivated!! My hour or so of cardio everyday is my me time and I love it and feel good knowing that I am doing something just for me. Us Mamas need to take care of ourselves!!

  7. Fantastic motivation!!! I am excited to be able to weigh myself after completing Whole 30 on May 1. I love the Tone it Up idea. I think you look fabulous. My biggest worry about having children is how I will take care of my body after. It's something we all struggle with.

  8. Such a motivational post!! I'm so worried about losing the post baby weight, well not so much losing it but toning up after. I've gained 25 pounds during this pregnancy (mostly all in my belly). I know I'll have to work my butt off to get toned and back into shape.. it's something I'm kind of looking forward to! I checked out the TIU series and I'm excited to give that a try once Savanna arrives!

  9. It's hard to diet when you're breastfeeding... and from what I've read the last few pounds stick around to help with milk production so don't be too hard on yourself!! You WILL get there!! And some of the pounds are in the boobs ;) You are doing an amazing job breastfeeding and the fact that you are so close to fitting in your pre-preg. jeans means a lot! The scale doesn't mean as much as inches :) You're on the right track and I saw your video... you look amazing and so beautiful! Mommyhood looks good on you!

  10. Love this! So motivational! Love all the sayings at the end!


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