Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Brooke's Official Hair Cut

Brooke has had a few little bang trims when she was little by my mother in law.  Her sweet curly hair took its time growing, so she really didn't even need to get a trim, but since she does her monthly "Date night with Daddy," and Joe gets his haircut every time, she wanted to get one too.

Rose trimmed her hair and Brooke loved sitting in the chair.

I loved capturing this picture of the two of them.  Bubs photo-bombed with his hat.

Rose put a little braid on the of her head to make her feel extra stylish.

They each got to pick out a lollipop.

She was so excited.

Bradley really, really, REALLY needs a haircut but we are having a hard time pulling that trigger.  He has so much hair, everyone and I mean everyone who sees him (and doesn't know us) thinks he is a girl.   We are thinking by his 2nd birthday, we will do a chop and he'll look like a little boy.

This whole growing up thing is fun but so hard to watch sometimes.  I feel like it was just yesterday they were nursing and wearing newborn hats.

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