Monday, December 12, 2016

Mommy Monday - Enjoying December

My intention for the month of December was to "be present" and enjoy all of the festivities with the kiddos.  I'm not going to lie, I've had a few moments where I am completely overwhelmed and trying so hard to "enjoy" things, but still just have so much on my plate!  I have made sure to not go through motions and really soak up this time of year.

Brooke has so much excitement it's contagious; I wasn't even close to being ready with how crazy happy she is over Santa, reindeer, snow, presents, cookies...the list goes on!!  Last week I had my "helper day" at preschool and then we had the "Better to give than receive" day, where we frosted cookies to give to others.

We grabbed a hot chocolate after our Tuesday helper day.

When it's her "helper day" she gets to bring me in, wear a name tag and gets to go first in the activities.  It's so cool to see her interact with everyone.  She was being a "reindeer" here.

The coloring table.

All the holiday books!

Play-dough area. It's homemade and each month is the color of the month.

The button table.

They have about 45 minutes of "free play" and the teachers were also crafting holiday gifts for the parents with the kids.

She has to spell her name

Decorating the class tree.

Making a wreathe.

Sharing the calendar and weather.

Wednesday the kids and I made sugar cookies.

I was so impressed with how good Brooke was at using the rolling pin an cut-outs!

She made them nice and thick like Daddy likes them!

We used the cream cheese recipe and they are so yummy!

Thursday we brought some cookies into school to decorate.

They had several stations set up, here she made a card for Daddy.

We put together a snowman ornament.

She colored and snacked on juice and donut holes.

We had a ball!

The best part was frosting the cookies.

Okay, actually it was eating them.

Brother really enjoyed his tree when we got home!

My goofy girl.

Friday they painted a few $1 store paintings.  They both did so great!

So yes, the laundry piles up, the dishes sit in the sink an extra bit and I may not get to do all the things on my to do list, but I am making sure to enjoy these days. 

I found a pre-made gingerbread house for $8 at our grocery store and this one was super excited to put it together.  I actually let the babysitter help her and it sounds like more candy went in Brooke's mouth than on the house.

And here is a quick little video of us picking out our tree.

How are you enjoying December?

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