Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Musings

We have been living in a winter wonderland!  I don't mind it, sure it's cold and adds more time to get ready, drive, etc, but it's so pretty!!  I hope that it stays cold and keeps snowing for Christmas.

We took the kids to see Santa on Friday...they were in great moods and there was no line!! But as soon as we walked this corner, Santa got up and left!  They ended up switching Santas and by then...well I'll share those photos a little later in the week!!

Saturday brought lots of errands and taking my youngest sister on a few of them! Those of you wondering, she's doing so well.  She's still in her programs, working with counselors, therapists and getting the treatment she needs.  I am so proud of her and continue to pray daily.

I snapped a few photos with my nice camera. 

We are definitely cutting this one's hair after Christmas.  It's time.

I bought this adorable outfit from Marshalls, it's "Seven for all Man kind" and I wanted him to wear it on a family photo shoot in the fall...that never happened.

Brooke made her reindeer headband in preschool and hasn't taken it off, until today because it's now quite tattered after wearing it 24/7.  Yes, she slept in it.

Can you guess her favorite Christmas song at the moment?

My two crazy goofball kids.

Sunday we got ready for my sister's cookie party.  She insisted on taking her photo by her Santa countdown.

And one by the white tree

We got a photo of the kids!

I love this one.

From 1-7.  They had a ball eating all the cookies.

It got a little warm so we threw his hair up in a "Man bun." He may have a little obsession with controllers...

Christmas Spirit wrapped up in this beautiful girl.

And if you're still looking for a gift, I highly recommend this gold trove ring!

How fun would this tree be?! haha

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  1. Bradleys hair! I love it!

    Oh my cookies! Love peanut butter kiss cookies!


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