Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fashion Friday

Happy Fri-yay!!!

We are getting a ton of snow already, so I am embracing it.  I've discovered that I love Winter, IF I buy cute hats. Haha. Seriously though--I can now go an extra day without having to "do my hair."  #winning

Beanie from Love Your Melon
Blanket Scarf from Jane

Do you have any holiday parties to attend?  Here's a festive and fabulous look!

We had one Tuesday night.  It was fun to dress up in this green sparkle number from Guess.

Celestial hoops
On the Mark necklace
WISHING I had the Trove Statement ring.  {It's on its way now!}

Thursday was a bit of a run-around day and so very cold!! I don't like wearing a coat because I get hot in the car, so I wore a Northface sweatshirt a blanket scarf (again from

Rose Gold wishing necklace
Rose Gold Engravable disc necklace

I LOVE layering these together.  It gives a little extra sparkle to any plain old outfit.

What's on my wishlist??


Covet is going to make many women smile this Christmas!!

I think this cross is so beautiful on.

The Astor Sparkle Necklace arrived today.  She.Is.A.Stunner.  I can't even begin to explain how shiny and pretty it is.  I'll be playing around with it and some sweaters for sure! If you're a diva, you need this. Stat.

Our top 10 picks are definitely some of my favorites!! I am doing a giveaway for the hematite earrings in an event today.  If you're around on FB, stop by and check it out!

There's that on the mark necklace--it's a must have! The Rebel is on its way to my house and should arrive any minute. Cannot wait to style that bad boy.  You know my love for that city slim clutch--gorgeous--and if you don't have a solid watch, it's time to get on that with one of ours!  As for the wishing bracelet, perfect secret Santa gift or teacher present at only $19!!!

Even Santa loves Stella.

May your day be full of light, love, and lots of fabulous style!!


  1. LOVE that cross necklace! So pretty!

    1. I know!! I immediately thought of you when I first saw it. xo


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