Friday, February 24, 2012

Hollywood Glam

I appreciate your sweet words of encouragement yesterday
and thoughts on how to fix my ghostly while legs!
So today, on behalf of the, err, academy,
I accept my award.
California Dreamin'!!
I think the only award I would receive is the 
best wife ever award!
And I'm totally cool with that. 
Anywho, I would love to actually wear this gown
or play Rachel Zoe and dress another fabulous 
Hollywood Beauty.
I just think simple is best for the awards shows.
Statement pieces.
I'd die if I ever owned anything like this in real life!

Hollywood by jennifer-delle-fave featuring white gold drop earrings

Go link up with AV from {long distance loving}
It makes me think of the episode of SATC
with Carrie all dressed up looking so elegant.
I never liked Aiden, but she didn't end up with him, so all is well.
 Love this.
 Seriously, before I had cable, all I'd watch on TV
would be SATC DVDs. 
I'm pretty sure my friend Norm and I know every episode by heart.
We played the trivia game and he won, so he may have watched
it more than I did!!
If you're single and haven't yet watched this show, 
I highly suggest you do!
And some randoms...
Here's a good quote for the weekend:
And I thank  God I married my husband.
He's always positive, no matter what the situation.
He continues to teach me how to be better every day.
I found this and it made me think of my fellow
winos who just love their wine-you know who you are!
{Like moi}
This is for us!
Totes random, but...
If you love Thin Mint GS cookies, buy these:
They were on sale and I picked them up for Joe.
{I never buy random sweets, so it's a treat!}
I had one bite and they are ridiculously good.
I am refraining however, since I have that
to get 
down in 
at the
Were the dresses really that short back then?
Stay healthy and have a fab weekend lovies!!
Any super fun plans to share??


  1. love that red dress :] & those shoes are so pretty.

    happy weekend

    xx :: ashlyn

    let it be beatuiful

  2. Love red & silver together! That time for wine sign is awesome :-)

  3. love the dress jen, red is of course a fabulous color pick for the oscars! what you didn't like aiden really? you know at work we get him and bo derek's christmas cards well theya re married in real life and my boss get their christmas card

  4. Is it bad that I don't even know what SATC is? I feel so out of the loop! And your post strangely got me crazy excited for the Oscars this weekend! I can't wait!

    new follower :)

  5. First things first...I almost stopped breathing when you said you never liked Aiden. I love me some Mr. Big but Aiden was such a sweet little puppy for Carrie and I have a special place in my heart for him. The highlight of the SATC movie was their rendezvous in Morrocco. I.Die. I am shocked at you but I will get past it. Maybe. And I know you are talking to me with that wine sign. PS the coconut dream cookies by the elves are dead ringers for Samoas. Don't buy them. You will eat the whole box if you are anything like me. Have fun at the disco! Tweet pics!

  6. Eeeek LOVE how beautiful Carrie looked in that SATC episode! Except what a terrible ending by the fountain! She and Aidan looked so glamorous and attractive yet everything ended so awfully! I actually really loved Aiden- it was Carrie I didn't like during that relationship! She was so selfish and immature. Blaaah still makes me cringe the way she wore that ring around her neck! Just tell him you don't to marry him, Carrie! (Can you tell I'm still frustrated by the whole ordeal?? hahah)

  7. Ahhh, I just LOVE Sex and the City!! And great, now I have to add those cookies to my grocery list. My Weight Watchers is getting more and more difficult! :)

  8. That Henry Ford quote is one of my favorites! Just pinned it. :)

    I wish I were going to the Oscars this weekend instead of watching it on the couch in my jammies. I'd totally wear that red dress--killer!

  9. I just adore the "Hollywood glam" look! The hair almost reminds me of the 1940's and the glamorous actresses!

  10. SATC is fab! Cute post. New follower. Excited to connect with you...stop by and visit me soon! ;)


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