Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some Pins J'adore!!

Happy Hump Day lovies!!
Link-Up Over with Michelle...
I'm super pumped for Zumba tonight. 
Tonight's class has an amazing instructor, Maria, and my girlfriend Alison
and I shake our booties like we dancin up in da clubbbb!!
It's like going out sans cocktails {and sexy stilettos!}
Here are some pins I'm currently obsessed with: 
So true...

Don't crash diet ladies.
Just make smarter choices and choose to be happy!

I am not that great with eye makeup. 
I've gotten better, but I still cannot perfect these looks. 



I have been loving all the pink & red this month!
I want to give it a try...

I also love all the mushy gushy lovey dovey stories, songs, & poems.
I waited 26 years before I finally met my Prince Charming. 
What got me through? 
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

If you're still looking for "the one," it will happen, I promise! 
{Just tell yourself you're too busy with a full time job, grad school, 
you just bought a house, and you have a dog. 
Your life has no room for a boyfriend.
He'll show up in no time! :P}
Whatever you do, don't settle.

I really wish our printer worked! 
These would be all over the house!!

Ok, I must get off my booty, tie on my apron and go bake hubs these:

He requested vanilla cupcakes, so I must attempt! 
MIL is coming over for lunch. 
Hope the Pulled Pork is done on time!! 
Have a fabulous day lovelies!! 


  1. I always look like I got punched in the face when I try to do my eye make up all fancy. So I'm with you there. And your MIL is coming for lunch? You're a brave lady. I hide under the bed when mine comes. Not really, but I wish.

  2. I need to try zumba, I am not a good dancer though!!!

  3. I would like to try zumba - but in my own home lol

  4. I completely agree that working out is so much better when you're making it fun! I love it when my friend and I go gyming together since we just talk the entire time, and it will be like, "Whooooa! Did we just go 45 minutes on the elliptical?!" Because usually I am dying after like 3 minutes using that dumb machine.

    I LOVE love and Valentine's Day :) I'm such a hopeless romantic!

  5. Love the makeup, I pin those so much and always want to try them but never do!

  6. Love the exercise & make up pins!! Have fun at Zumba! I absolutely love going!

  7. Love the workout inspiration! Hope Zumba is fun tonight! I'm more of a treadmill girl, but I need to switch up my routine so I have been thinking of giving it a try, and you are very convincing!

  8. All your pins are awesome, love the fitness inspiration ones :-)

  9. Love the quote about changing yourself to be happy, it is so true! I hope your having a wonderful day!

  10. I am glad you are fired up for Zumba! I am not on pinterest, I feel like I am missing out! I might have to check it out:)

  11. Great selection of Pinterest pics!! And, I'm with your hubs on the vanilla cupcakes!!

  12. I'm not sure I could pull off pink and red together, but those outfits are gorgeous. Great pins!

  13. I'm not really too good at eye make up either. The only thing I wear on a daily basis is mascara. Those are really pretty examples though! The eyelashes are so long, I wish mine looked like that!

    And Zumba sounds like so much fun! I've been wanting to sign up for something like that for awhile now! I should soon, before summer comes!



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