Monday, February 6, 2012

OOTD & A Mini Room Tour

Football is OVER.
For now.
It was fun while the 49ers were kickin butt,
however, it was still hard to watch the game last night.
So I drank some vino and danced to Black Eyed Peas on Connect instead
It was nice to get together at my sister's house and eat some fattening food.
I'm happy to say my husband is feeling better,
and was able to nibble a little on all the foodsjust fine yesterday.  
I've got plenty of recipes coming up to share, I'll try to post at least one day.
Now it's time to get serious about working out again!
I thought I'd share a mini photo-tour of our room.
The bedroom should be a place of zen, calm, and love.
While we do have a TV in the room, it's still a happy room.
Here's a peak into our room: 
Joe painted the walls {before me} a light yellow.
We added brown/blue accents with the bedding & curtains.
I brought along these 3 photos of France 
{my girlfriend Alison gave them to me forever ago and I still love them. 
It helps that we went there on our honeymoon too!}
I just love a freshly made bed with lots of pillows=happiness!!
For now, this is Joe's dresser {I have the entire 'guest room' as my closet}
I have this jewelry box/'s so hard to keep organized.
 I love this Salt Crystal Lamp.
When we vacation, we always try to find unique decor items..
Here are two we have found amongst our travels.
I love the couple dancing, we found in Mexico.
The piece of wood is carved and shows a couple kissing beneath 
a palm tree..just love it!
{photos of our first vacation & some cute signs in our room}
I tried the center part in my hair. 
Not a huge fan.
 Cardigan: Loft
T-shirt: Kohl's
Leggings: Marshalls
Boots: Target
Scarf: A boutique in L.A.
Jewelry: Coach
I love all the ways I can wear the wrap cardigan!
Cardigan: A store in Toronto
Shirt: Express
Leggings: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Steve Madden @ VS 
Scarf: Express
Headband: F21
Jewelry: Tiffany, Coach

OK that's all I have for now my lovely readers.
I'll be sharing a recipe later today.
Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Your room is so pretty! I love all the natural light and coziness :)

    And I love love love your OOTDs :) Cutie!


  2. I ADORE room tours!!!! I absolutely love the souvenirs you've brought home from around the world. That is amazing and so special! I also love those pictures of France above your bed.

    And I am a big fan of the side part versus the center part!

  3. loves the outfits! you look gorgeous <3

    thanks for stopping by love!
    happy monday!


  4. Love your room, it is so pretty!

    And great OOTD!

  5. love the outfits!! and i love how you two have collected something from the places you travel to, what a great way to remember your trips you have taken together!

  6. I'm so glad your husband is feeling better. Our bedroom is brown and blue too, but we still haven't gotten around to painting the walls.

    I don't have much jewelry, so organization isn't a problem for me. Have you checked The Container Store? What about one of those rotating jewelry stands that you see in the stores? Then you could reach everything easily and keep the chains from getting knotted.

  7. I always love your outfits! So cute!!! Also love your bedroom - adorable!

  8. Love your room, it's so pretty!

  9. I love me a room tour! Your bedroom are colors are so cozy! I am glad your man is feeling better:) I am not a center part fan for my own hair but you are so gorge you can pull off anything. Love your outfits and is that a tiffany heart necklace I spy? I love it!

  10. Love the room and outfits! SO cute! :)

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog from my sponsor post on Krystal's blog! :)

  12. I love your mini-room tour!! It's so cute that y'all collect things from the places your vacations! Your outfits are super cute! I love wrap cardigans on other people.. and I wish I would start wearing mine more often!

  13. Love that you have an entire dressing room!! :) How fun...

    I've heard about those lamps, think it really does help?


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