Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Just Gonna Have to Be OK...


Its Ok Thursdays
...that I just showered at 1:30 in the afternoon...
...that I got real & quite vulnerable in my post yesterday... be overwhelmed with all of the sweet support, comments, virtual hugs 
& prayers that were sent our way...
...Thank You; it means more to me than you'll know... be happy Joe was able to eat some organic scrambled eggs & drank 2 Vitamin Waters... love that hubs is home with me, but not happy because he's sick... be sad/mad/pissed/frustrated that now he'll have to work this weekend
because he took off time being sick... not love the History Channel and its weird show on the world ending, baaaabe... really wish we were on a vacation like now... wish I could review fun things for free like other big bloggers...
...that I really want to go indulge in a super duper pedicure {with the works, ya know paraffin} 
but to not want to spend the $$$ on one... love the month of February and all its cutsie red & pink hearts..

...that I really want to go see The Vow but I don't know if hubs will like it... always try and remain optimistic, no matter what...


  1. sorry about your hubby having to work this weekend. and if we lived closer we would have a girl date and see the vow together cant wait!!

  2. I want companies to send me free stuff to review too! I gotta work on my marketing. I want to see The Vow too. I love a good sappy movie.

  3. I can't wait to see the vow. And I understand that vacay one, for sure. I'm starting one tomorrow...much needed. Hope you get one soon!

  4. I really want to see The Vow but I doubt the fiancé will like either.

  5. My fiance is taking me to see The Vow for Valentines Days... it's the perfect trick! :)

  6. I literally cannot wait to see the Vow!!! Every time I see a preview I get chills!

  7. I had not seen the trailer for The I wanna go see it!!

  8. I was thinking about you today and I am glad to hear your hunny was able to eat and drink this am. I want to see The Vow too! We always do VDay at home so we will probably end up watching it when it's a rental. And I totes wish we were somewhere tropical right about now.

  9. New follower here! Your blog looks like it is really interesting! I'm gonna catch up right now :).

  10. Glad hubby is doing better.
    I really wanna see The Vow too :)

    Happy Thursday!


  11. The Vow looks so cute! I wanna see it so badly!

    I'm so glad to hear your hubby is feeling better!

    Happy almost weekend!

  12. i really want to get free things to review on my blog... someone tell me how to sign up for that, right?!

    and i can't wait for the vow! im not sure if ill make my hubs see it... or if ill go with the girls though?

  13. Glad hubby was able to eat and drink some. So want to see The Vow!!

  14. aww thanks so much for the sweet comment love! you're SO gorgeous, i'm jealous! u + your hubby are the cutest ever! reminds me of me and mine <333

    double date?! hehe <3

    newest follower!


  15. I want to see The Vow soo bad!!! And I definitely need a vacation asap :)

    Have a great weekend!


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