Thursday, February 16, 2012

Really, It's OK

Holllllla It's Thirsty Thursday!!
I love Thursdays since hubs has tomorrow off {squeal}
I'm slightly hungover from my Zumba workout.
Last night it was NO JOKE.
I keep chugging water, then coffee, then more water...
I even have a headache, what gives?!?
I am linking up with "It's OK"
I'm 100% OK...
...with the fact that I worked out so hard last night, I almost puked....
...that I spent a small fortune on a new bikini {but got a free beach tote woop woop}...
but then
...I bought a Groupon for a fancy pedicure, so I don't have to pay all that $$$... be happy to dress up/go out Saturday for a friend's birthday hubs just told me this morning...
...that I'm stoked for the UGLY DISCO next Saturday {get down boogie!}... overly excited when I save money couponing on our everyday items...
...that the scale has not budged much, but my clothes are fitting so much better,
I'm feeling fitter, and I'm feeling [emotionally] fabulous! still really want to do a small weekend getaway with the hubs... not know what I'm making for dinner tonight...
...that I may be getting addicted to working out again...
...must.get.on.treadmill... LOVE all my blog friends & all the support out there; you girls rock! be kinda sad I can't go hang out with some of you because you're a gazillion miles away... be slightly annoyed with unappreciative/selfish people... quickly brush them and their comments off, and focus on what's good in life... have a 2 Live Crew song stuck in my head from Zumba last night...
{warning: small bishy rant ahead}
You all know my theory on Zumba.
I LOVE that everyone tries it.
In fact, I highly encourage all people to do it, it's that fun!
But is it that hard to put on deodorant and not leave your clothes
in the washer too long so they have that funky stanky smell?
Plus half of the girls workout the first hour to Zumba Toning 
then stay and do the regular Zumba class.
I think that may have contributed to why I wanted to throw up last night.
I have a really sensitive nose and it's just so gross.
Seriously...body splashes are cheap, buy some!
Sorry for the rant, but it really bothers me.
I guess it's ok that I'm not OK with that!
Have a great day, link up and get your workout on!

Its Ok Thursdays


  1. I used to love Zumba but I haven't done it in quite some time. They have it at my gym and the more that I see you talk it up ... the more I want to get back into it! I cannot believe how sweaty I get after just an hour of the stuff.

  2. You crack me up with your rant. It is so true BTW. I want to try Zumba like now. I am going to go link up :)

  3. What a FUN FUN post!! Zumba is a blast, isn't it?! I've never done Zumba toning - how is it?!


  4. An Ugly Disco party... that sounds like so much fun!! Can't wait to hear all about it, and see the outfits you wear!

  5. haha, you are so hilarious! i am sorry that you had to deal with the stank. so nasty!

    i would love to go to a disco party, sounds like so much fun!

    and i get so excited when i save $$$ using coupons too. i realize that i am now my mother :)

  6. Another Zumba addict. I must add you to my reader. I've become slightly addicted to my workouts too. Love it. :)

  7. I really want to try Zumba!!! You guys are toooooo cute! Love that picture!


  8. Ugly disco sounds absolutely hilarious!!

  9. Hahahaha! I would feel the same way. This girl sitting near me at dinner last weekend had the worst body odor problem :( It's just SO avoidable/fixable...that's what irks me the most about it! Even over the terrible smell! There is not excuse!!

    And please send that working out addiction south to Cincinnati. It would be much appreciated!


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