Monday, February 13, 2012

Magazines, Bikinis, LWD, a Movie & Hot Cocoa!

How was your weekend lovies?
We had a wonderful little weekend.
{and still sad about W.H., rip, so sad}
I caught up on my fashion & beauty tips:
And was completely tortured by this month's Food Network Mag:
Chocolate Bacon.
Which is why I had to stop reading the mag and researched suits.
I finally narrowed down to two cute bikinis-
that a billion other chicks will probably have
Which do you like best?
 And I'll look just like them, of course :P
I need some motivation to workout for our cruise!
We saw the movie The Safe House.
Hubs loved it {he couldn't wait to come home and play COD}
I heard some negative reviews about The Vow 
and since we don't get to the movies often, I wanted us both to enjoy.
 Two great actors
it was pretty good!
Very much like a Bourne movie, which I love.
I am happy with our movie choice!!
And my hubby's so great; he ran down to Gloria Jean's
and grabbed us some hot chocolates to enjoy during the flick!
And in my inbox this morning, a true weakness.
White Dresses.
Lily Pulitzer. 
I have yet to own a LP; I'm not sure how the sizes run?
But I do know my hunny loves me in a white dress and I love me in a white dress.

Adorable, aren't they??
I'm not sure I can justify a few hunge
on a LWD.
As for now?
I'm "rocking the snow bunny look"
since Winter finally hit again and
we ventured out in it yesterday morning!
My husband loves driving in it, and I hang on!
 I love our days together!!
Oh, and for Valentine's Day?
We totally bought two Porterhouse Steaks
and a lobster tail 
to re-create our NYE dinner, for V-Day.
What are you doing to show some loooove?


  1. I love those white dresses! So pretty. Wish I wasn't so pale haha I'd be lost in them. The swim suits are cute too, I like the polka dot one! Glad you had a good Valentine's weekend :)

  2. You two are so cute!

    And I love all of the dresses and swimsuits!

  3. I'm your newest follower! ;) You and your hubs are just TOO cute! Glad to hear Safe House was good- I love Ryan & Denzel (yes, first name basis!) so I've been looking forward to seeing it :)

    I'm a sucker for white dresses too, but it's hard for me to even look at 'em when I'm pale as can be in the middle of winter, lol!

  4. Love the blue bikini and all the little white dresses! Hope y'all have an amazing v-day dinner, sounds like your off to an awesome start!

  5. Mmmm Food Network mag is probably my favorite ever...I'm such a foodie/fattie lol :) Great dresses! And you guys are too cute :)

  6. I vote for the blue bikini! Love that color!! And ahhhh I love white dresses, too. I have never bought any LP so I don't know how the sizes run... Francesca's Collections had a lot of great white dresses when I was on their website last week, though! :)

    Have a fantastic Valentine's Day dinner- that sounds soooo delicious!

  7. ugh seriously how can i get that chocolate magazine and then expect to fit in a cute bikini like the ones you posted! so impossible jenn, oh well i will take chocolate any day yum!!

  8. Black swimsuit! I love polka dots..although the blue is beautiful! Tough choice! And that first LWD to die for!

  9. I felt the EXACT same way when I got my email from Lilly this morning! I am loving all the white dresses! I might have to splurge! They are too cute.

    I vote for the polka dot bathing suit! I love the cut of the top.

  10. God just looking at those bikini's makes me want to eat another Reece's cup!

  11. Does Amanda look amazing on that front cover or what?! I always thought she was kind of awkward looking but when I saw the cover of glamour... I was like wow! She's beautiful!! :) I loved her in "Dear John"

    Have a great week friend!

  12. K I love the blue one and it has been in my vs shopping cart for a week...tell me we are not sisters? I love your snow bunny look and I totes want to make that recipe:)

  13. i love all the items you posted about.. that chocolate cake looks amazing and i think amanda seyfriend looks fun on that magazine cover. Love those little white dresses.. and i'm looking forward to some warmer weather.. but nothing too hot please!

  14. it sounds like you had a great, relaxing weekend! hopefully you'll be able to see the vow soon! I can't wait to go see it!


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