Monday, February 27, 2012

My Favorite Things

One of the first blogs I read when I began blogging,
If you're not following her, you certainly should be!
Her blog is always full of helpful health tips,
beauty advice,
and lots of optimistic posts about life and love.
She's currently hosting a link up on
Favorite Things!
Butler, Favorite Things
Go link up!!
I decided to share some of my,
"I cannot live without these products."
For my mental/emotional well being,
I really try to read and listen to different self-help books.
Ones that I really felt spoke to me were:
 If these are not part of your collection,
I really suggest you add them!!
 I am always looking for new make-up.
I just bought this for the disco, 
but I can already tell it's going to be a new favorite!
I love that it shows you how to apply the two different looks.
Victoria Secret!
Lid & Lash Wash
My step-mother Tricia gave me this a few Christmases ago.
It's like magic; 
I just put a little on a round cotton pad and wipe away my
eye-makeup and my mascara. No more raccoon eyes!
 I stock up so I don't run out.
I will admit I did ask for something this past birthday.
I am obsessed with The Food Network 
and my favorite star Giada.
I noticed that on most of the shows, Rachel Ray, Paula Deen, The Neelys,
had this one thing called  a Dutch Oven.
I needed one.
I got one.
I'm SO SO SO happy I did!
 I use it for everything:
risotto, sauce, chili, baked no knead bread, stews, soups, you name it!
It goes from the stove to the oven.
 Scentsy has completely replaced 
candles in our home.
I have such a great sense of smell, I am obsessed with
things that smell good.
As much as I love candles, hubs doesn't like the fact 
that they can be forgotten about and left to burn.
We know a couple who left their apartment and
their cats knocked into a burning candle and they lost everything.
Yes, everything. :(
With Scentsy, if I forget to unplug, it's not the end of the world!!
I have several warmers throughout the house and far too many scents to list!
I cannot live without this makeup:
Bare Escentuals.
I didn't wear much makeup when I was younger.
Now that 30 is the new 20, I am having so much fun with it!
I love shopping at a store because they give you good size samples to try.
If you go in to a boutique, they also give you a little makeover and
show you how to apply all the fun stuff.
This could really use a post all alone; my favorite?
"WELL RESTED" under eye concealer--but it's a powder.
Being a housewife, I have a few favorite cleaning products.
I am loving these new Downy Unstopables.
I use scent free detergent and dryer sheets
and dump some of these magic balls into my washer.
I love the purple one.

And my daily cup of java...
My father-in-law aka a coffee connoisseur
turned me onto this delicious brew! 
I love Starbucks, but since they don't deliver,
 I get the whole beans of this stuff & grind it for a few cups every morning.
Like I said before, I love good smells!
Since Joe used to sell perfume/cologne, he's all about them.
He also shared with me that it's important to change up your scents.
Your nose gets used to a scent and so you may not smell it, 
and pile so much on that others around you are gagging and 
you have no clue!
Some of my faves:
And I wish I had a few pairs of these Seven jeans.
SO comfy!
They go with everything.
And I definitely need a few more of these bad boys.
I only have 2 and I'm constantly washing them!
Great for smoothies.
Perfect for a water with lemon.
Best part?
Joe calls it my 'sippy cup' since I'm clumsy and spill stuff
A lot.
I know I've mentioned it before, but I am a wine snob.
I don't like to drink cheap wine {especially because of how I feel the next day!}
If I'm going to drink some white vino, I will reach for this.

My favorite things could probably go on and on, 
but since I got sick last week my house has gotten rather dirty.
I have tons of cleaning to do today!
I'll share my disco recap tomorrow;
we had so much fun, I'm still recovering. 
This dancing queen's feet are so sore.
I haven't even put my photos on the computer yet.
If you follow me via Twitter or Instagram,
you may have gotten a sneak peek.
If not, here's a preview:


  1. I am in love with my Scentsy and those cups! I took one to a party and everyone was like "Oh my! That's the best idea ever!" Ha!
    Have a great Monday!

  2. Bare Escentuals is the BEST!!

    I am SO going to check out those jeans. I have yet to buy a pair od skinny jeans because I have "athletic legs", but they are SO stinkin cute that I might just wash. I wear a lot of eye makeup.have to branch out.

    And I just may have to get some of that Lid & Lash

    LOVE your favorite things! :)

  3. I followed the sneak peeks all weekend! : ]

    I love Seven Jeans (and Joes)!

    And I have almost bought a dutch oven like 10 times now, I might just spring for it thanks to you!


  4. I love her and her blog! What cute favorite things! I just got the Coach perfume for Christmas and love it! :)


  5. I looove Scentsy I have been using it for a few years now one ofmy bff's sells it and I always have parties lol :-) Love me some pinot grigio too yum!

  6. Scentsy rocks! And I love those cups, too :) Looks like you had a great weekend!

  7. Love Scentsy! I had a wall plug-in but it broke so I need to get a new full-size warmer. By the way, I have that SAME Mr. & Mrs. frame! I just got some of that 8 O'Clock coffee in Hazelnut flavor and it's so good!

  8. I love those cups I have several and I love my Scentsy!

  9. Love those cups, I have so many of them! They make drinking tons of water way more fun! And Chanel Chance smells amazing!

  10. cant live without my bare escentuals makeup, and the only reason i was introduced to it was to wear it for my wedding. and now that is all i wear!

  11. I'm so buying that lid washer. I can't stand the raccoon eyes I'm always left with! And bare essentials is all I wear! I'll never go back to anything else :)

  12. Love those jeans, I only have two pairs too and they are constantly being washed too. Nordy's should gift us each 5 pairs. Just an idea.


  13. I keep hearing about Scentsy. I should check it out. And I desperately want a dutch oven! Did you get it in red? I want a blue one:)

  14. Love that eye shadow girl ! What a lovely gift!

  15. I'm obsessed with food network too! Been wanting a dutch oven for sooo long they're just a lil pricey so I havent gotten one yet! Im sooo jealous!
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  16. Great post! I think I awnt everything you mentioned now ;) I def will check out the Lid + Lash stuff bc I haaaate what I currently use, it just doesn't do the trick!

  17. I have been wanting to try Scentsy forever! We burn lots of candles in our house (shhh don't tell the landlord), and I think we'd all feel a lot better using Scentsy! I check all of the candles a million times before I ever leave the house, but I still worry about house fires!

    I cannot wait until I can afford nice vino!!! Although I have to admit, the cheap stuff doesn't leave me feeling bad! Maybe I am just used to it by now :)

    And I recently started using Coach Poppy perfume and LOVE it! That is so interesting about your husband's advice!! I have about five different scents that I wear on a regular basis. I change it up according to occasion, but it's good to know there is a nice practical side to changing your perfume!!


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