Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's OK Thursday

It's OK!
...that I am so o-v-e-r this white stuff; Spring where are you??
...that hubs has been SUPER busy at work...
...but I miss seeing him/coming home for lunches...
...that I'm jealous of anyone on a beach right now...
...that I still haven't helped my pasty legs and they'll be glowing white Saturday night...
...that I'm still in my pjs; I am still not feeling my perky self...
...that I don't want to hear about other people's marital drama...
...that I just touched up the blonde hair; no cut this time...
...that I am craving Starbucks, right now...
...that I really don't have anything else to say!
Have a great day lovelies.
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  1. Ready for Spring?! You and me both girlie! And I'm ghostly white too. We only have 73 days til Jamaica and I'm so worried that Caribbean sun is just going to fry me haha.

  2. there is always time for a spray tan:)

  3. I'm so ready for spring! It's never too late to tan! :)

  4. Here's an idea: it's sunny and warm here in Philly with no snow ...come on down and we'll have a latte :)

  5. That is CRAZY it's snowing feels like Spring down here in Georgia!!

    Hope you cheer up. :( I think the weather can have something to do with it. Are you taking vitamin D? (Actually, you might have been the one who commented on my blog about taking it.)

    Girl, you have to write a post about your favorite things for my blog link up!!

  6. Send your snow to Cincinnati! I'd be happy to take it off your hands :) It was 60 degrees here today and sunny (which was actually really awesome. I just want one big snow before winter ends).

  7. I'm over cold weather too!! I WANT SUMMER!!!!

    P.S. I tagged you for an award on my blog today!


  8. This white stuff needs to go away for a looooong time!! Where are you at?? I'm in's always blahhh here lol Hope you have a great weekend :)


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