Friday, February 10, 2012

Pink, Red, & a Song Stuck in my Head!

A little late to post, but I had a busy & fabulous day with the hubs! 
We grabbed breakfast bagel sandwiches and then
We had to file our taxes {yay for money back!}
 We ran some errands and enjoyed a sushi lunch.
I made pasta for dinner and we watched a dumb movie.
I laughed a little, but it was a Joe pick.
But I spent the whole day with Joe and he's feeling pretty good today, yay!
We don't have much planned for the weekend.
He has to work all day tomorrow and
I'm still working on him for a Sunday matinee of The Vow...
I'm currently lusting over red coats, red pants red shoes, a red clutch and
I'd love a perfect red lipstick for me as well.
I don't own any of those red items!!
Here were my week's picks for Pink and Red
Go link up with AV from {long distance loving}
And for the song that was stuck in my head
{and probably will be in yours now too!}
You may remember me saying a few weeks ago, Joe was playing
a Wacka Flocka song on repeat...
Well, for some reason it grew on me and now I may or may not
bump it as I'm putting make-up on.
Don't hate.
Play it a few times, you'll find yourself singing along..
"Rain rain go away, that's what all the haters say."


  1. That red coat is amazing! I have a closet full of coats but none in red. Adding that to the must have list :)

  2. Haha I love that song. Cute outfit - loving that top and the coat!

  3. GREAT outfit! I love the top, it looks beautiful and I think I will need to get that trench coat, the red is fabulous!! Hope you have been enjoying your weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!
    Twirling Clare

  4. ummm this outfit is amazing! I am SO happy to have you linking up--crossing fingers that you were able to get your man to the Vow. I saw it on Friday and liked it! can't wait to see what you create next week for FF! xoxo {av}

  5. I normally am not a big fan of pink and red together but I am absolutely LOVING this outfit. Seriously, I might have to recreate this!


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