Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Last Minute Ideas for your Lover!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
It is here!
The day of looovvvve.
The day some people will hate...
I'll admit, I went through a few single years where
 I wore all black and despised any love smitten, pink wearing, smiley couple.
But, alas, I am a hopeless romantic and I have found my true love so 
I can be that cheesy Valentine's Day lover today!
As I type this, my husband keeps sending me
"I love you bunny" (one of my pet names)
text messages. 
I love you too boo!
I wanted to share a few quick ideas,  
not that you haven't gotten or given your Valentine something already
They are inexpensive and most importantly thoughtful. 
1.  Print out a larger version of one of your favorite photos in black and white.
I use Snapfish
You can print them out at local places like Walgreens!!
2.  Everyone has "a song". In fact, we have several! 
A few years ago I typed up the lyrics for "Umbrella"
added an umbrella image on the backdrop of the paper
and bought a frame.
He loved it!
3.  Many of you typed up stories about how you met.
Have you printed it?
Do it and put it in a frame, add some prety stickers and voila! 
{This is actually a gift from my step-mother Tricia on our anniversary.}
4.  Write a letter. I swear, hubs isn't a writer. 
He's more of a math person, but when he writes me a letter, I melt.
He wrote me my first letter and had my matron of honor 
give it to me the day we got married.
I have received a few letters since then, and when I read them,
I cry.
I promise you there is nothing better than a letter.
It costs time and some true heart pouring love.
5.  Go a little retro and make a CD {or compile mp3} of all the songs you two love.
There are certain songs we listen to and just think about the fun
we had on this vacation or that time we did something cool.
Music is always a great gift!
6.  If all else fails, bake him cookies!
I still have my dough sitting in the fridge.
I have to finish these babies later!
I got side tracked with my crafty gift for hubs yesterday.
I'll share after I give it to him!
I cannot wait to see how everyone shows their love.
One year, I made doggie treats because my dog was my Valentine.
Whatever works, but remember, the more positive energy you send out
to the universe, the more you get back.
If you act like you hate love and don't want anything to do with it, that is what you'll get.
Maybe go listen or watch The Secret
That would be a wonderful gift to give yourself.
As for now, I have to go get ready for an eye brow commercial...
Say what?
Yes. I'm giving a testimonial as to why this lady is da bomb!
For realz though, my eyebrows now look profeshhh.
More on this later--
Happy Valentine's Day  ladies!
May your day be full of red & pink hearts and lots-O-loooovvvvvieeee.


  1. You are the sweetest wife eva. I love all your ideas and would you believe that we don't have a song? That is a pitiful shame. and how did I not know that you are almost famous? I am dying! How fun!!! give me a shout out, k? luv u mean it.

  2. Those are all really cute ideas... I hope that gourmet 3 course dinner counts as a gift because that's really all I got the boy this year!

  3. I love the idea of framing song lyrics! I am going to do this for our wedding song. Thanks for sharing. I hope you and your sweetie have a wonderful Valentine's Day :)

  4. I'm all about baking when it comes to Valentine's Day! Great ideas! Happy Valentine's Day! xx

  5. first what?? a commercial about eyebrows!! tell me more later and second love these last minute valentines day ideas why because they don't seem so last minute and there is thought put into each and something special and meaningful! hope you have a great valentines sweet friend!

  6. love these ideas! Very creative :)

  7. What thoughtful, sweet ideas! I love them all - I'm sure someday I will do these for my honey! :)

  8. Umm, that last comment was from me - didn't mean to click anonymous!! lol

  9. Hahaha your posts make me so happy! LOVE that you made your dog treats one year. That is totally something I would do! Last night, one of my roommates left me with a bottle of wine before she went out with her boyfriend, and all I can say is that it didn't survive to see this morning. I also did not make it to yoga class. But it was the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day while watching "Notting Hill."

    LOVE all of your gift ideas! Especially the song lyrics one. I have a few Keats and Donne poems I will definitely be printing up and putting around my home one day! Oh, how they make my heart melt!

  10. These are some really great ideas! I especially love the idea of framing a b&w picture, as well as the song!



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