Friday, January 17, 2014

TGIF Randoms

I've done pretty well this week, so....I want to post again today!! I just scrolled through my phone and figured I'd share a few of our photos from this week.

1.  Daddy turned her seat around! Girlfriend's legs were all bunched up and I hear so much talk {like with anything parenting related} about trying to keep her facing backwards as long as possible, bla bla. Truth? She looked darn uncomfortable, so we turned her around.  She is one and almost 24 pounds and 31 1/4 inches. I think she's good??  I puffy heart this picture because it reminds me of the one I snapped leaving the hospital. A year ago. [insert frowning face]

2. Sunday we went to a "Choo Choo Look Who's 2" Birthday for our little friend Calvin. Brooke loved her Conductor hat and tried to blow the whistle.

3.  Tuesday was her big ONE year checkup!

4.  I did a little Smoothie action.  I usually don't use yogurt but I felt like I was craving a little dairy.
1/4 cup yogurt
handful of greens
A handful of frozen berries
A few splashes of OJ

5.  LOVE this from my Birchbox.  It smells so good and actually seemed to help. I may need more!
[so much for my gel mani]

6.  We attended our last baby signing time class on Wednesday---would I do it again? Sure.  I won't continue our 'formal education' but I will continue to work on the signs with her, as her frustration seems to grow because I don't know what she wants!  Brooke sure did love the bubbles! #teacherspetlikehermama

7.  Easy and tasty meal idea from Wednesday night!  Chicken Recipe Here.  Cauliflower here.

8.  Birthday gifts are still arriving!! Thanks Grandma!

9.  Less than a week left to scoop up a 24 day challenge ON SALE!! Purchase here.

10.  I will do a better review but HOLY COW this workout made me sweat!  There are a bunch to choose from and this promotional bundle is a GREAT DEAL.  Purchase here!

11.  This girl walked more than crawled yesterday!! WOOP WOOP!

12.  Everyone needs a hot stone massage in her life. OMG it was heavenly.  I feel so much better now!

We have an amazing weekend ahead, and I can't wait to share it all on Monday.  Enjoy today friends!!


  1. nice photos . I want a hot stone massage. most of made you feel so much better

  2. I love that your smoothies are always in a pretty glass!

  3. I heart her!! I wanna just eat her up! I can't imagine I'll let Savanna sit rear facing once her legs get like that either. Plus I wanna see her pretty little face! Those smoothies look good. I've never had a hot stone massage but the pregnancy massages I had were heaven!

  4. We turned our little girl's seat around this week, she was loving it-she kept sating "Hi!"

  5. I love raw cauliflower, and now I'm tempted to try roasting it. Any tips?

  6. I cannot believe Brooke is a year old now and 24 pounds! She's so adorable!! Baby singing class sounds like a blast- haha love how she is all up in those bubbles!

    And hurrah that she can stretch out her legs now in the car!


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