Thursday, January 2, 2014

Healthy and Simple Meal Idea

Happy Thursday!  I am not very happy about all this snow! I usually love it, but I am supposed to hit up Success School [4 hour drive to Scranton, PA] and right now, it doesn't look good. I am not going to risk driving in terrible weather, but I was really looking forward to this.  I hope it clears up!

I have been getting some requests for what I take when, what to eat, etc. So I thought I'll try to be a better blogger and share some of my simple go-to recipes and simple solutions.

Morning routine!

Wake up between 6:30-7:00

Make a Spark-- Fruit Punch is my favorite at the moment!

Take first packet of MNS

Drink a glass of water.

Start breakfast--I make Joe and Brooke's scrambled eggs first, then do mine up. [Hence the messy pan]

***Eat within the hour of waking up to rev up your metabolism!!!***

This can be perfect for lunch or dinner too!

Few tomatoes

2 eggs

I use the spatula to squish my tomatoes!

Cook until the eggs are done and the spinach wilts.
Add 1/4 avocado and when I'm not cleansing, a little feta.

You can literally throw any veggie in the pan and scramble the eggs; whatever you have on hand, go for it!! Nikki really inspired me to do this and I am obsessed. Thanks girl!!

I then try to drink 2-3 glasses of water.

By 11/11:30 I'm hungry for a snack.

If I'm busy--I grab a meal shake! Otherwise I'll grab nuts and a veggie or fruit.

Around 2pm my hubby comes home for lunch and once in awhile I'll have a whole wheat wrap.  20 minutes prior to my lunch, I take the 2nd MNS packet and then I take the rest with my lunch.  This gives me energy to finish my day strong; I don't crash, I don't need anything else the rest of the day for a pick me up!

I always try to use balance---mostly grab my greens first! I saw this and wanted to share.  I always try to eat from the left side and only in moderation from the right.  

You know, the whole 90/10 rule!

90% clean 10% not so great!  Because?  Life is crazy, busy, hectic and we can't be PERFECT 100% of the time.  And for me, when I would feel like I "failed" because I ate something not great, I'd fall of the healthy wagon. 

Not not more! haha

Notice how I eat every 3-4 hours?  Your body is made to work at its optimum abilities when you fuel it like that. If I throw a workout in, I also make sure I get a little extra protein.

Obviously I have one more snack and then dinner.  I'll share more of my eats with you soon; I miss being in the kitchen and taking photos! 

What are some of your go to breakfast ideas or snacks?


  1. Thanks for this post!! That breakfast looked delicious! I am on Day 2 of my challenge so I'm still in the cleanse phase and I have to practically force myself to eat. That fiber drink is no joke - it's SO filling. I have been searching for easy recipes because I am such a picky eater (I know, I know lol). But, I feel amazing already and it's only Day 2!!

  2. I make basically the same thing for breakfast every morning! 2 eggs scrambled, no dairy, then a little bit of tomato, spinach, and sometimes fresh mushrooms when we have them. I top mine with a few sprinkles of black pepper :) And lots of water!!! I've also been drinking coffee in the mornings lately and then Spark during the day if I get tired. The MNS packs are amazing, and I take the proper ones before breakfast and lunch, but the other 2 I take during breakfast because otherwise I will forget at lunch. This really seems to help my body and energy!!

  3. Of course mushrooms would be on that list... since I HATE mushrooms! Therefore I never buy them so Eric and Mia don't get to benefit from them either. I need to be better about that!
    Love how healthy you are! So inspiring!


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