Sunday, January 19, 2014

This Week in Workouts Link Up

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It's Sunday, which means it's time for our Week in Workouts link up!!  I am not going to lie.  I am still hurting [in a good way] from these workouts.  My goal is to start small, 3x a week.  I accomplished that!!  I am no professional, but i do know that you need to start some place.  You cannot expect to run a marathon without proper training.  With that, I may have only done 3 little workouts, my body feels it and my appetite has increased!  Bring on the protein!

1.12-Sunday: Rest 

1.13-Monday: Jillian Micahels Ripped in 30 

1.14-Tuesday: Rest 

1.15-Wednesday: My new CU24 bundle came in!! [scoop it up here]

I only did the first cardio workout.

I literally had a ball, pun intended.  I need to work on my core, it's my weakest area by far.  I was rolling all over this damn ball and couldn't stop laughing at myself! If ya can't laugh at yourself, you've got nothing.  I cannot wait to do it again!

I will remember to put on my Polar watch next time...

1.16-Thursday: Rest

1.17-Friday:  Zen in Your Den Yoga.  I neeeeeeeded it.  20 minutes of stretching and planking oy! I just pull up good old You Tube and go.

I didn't even get dressed; I just did it in my VS pjs.

1.18-Saturday: Rest  [aka I still really feel it in my bum bum]

I will definitely be attempting to add more as I feel stronger.  You just can't get discouraged and know that it's not a race; you are not in competition with anyone.  This whole workout linkup should empower you to want to do your best and feel better.  Be sure to eat every 2-3 hours, drink as much water as you possibly can, and eat clean.  If you have any questions at all, I would love to help you!

Be sure to link up and share your workouts; I LOVE the inspiration and seeing what other people are doing as workouts too.  Happy Sunday!


  1. Yoga in PJs, brilliant! Getting back on the wagon after being sick is always rough, but you are doing a great job! Kudos for not just throwing in the towel. Love the linkup and can't wait to get ideas from everyone else!

  2. My core is also my weak point. My trainer has made a point to always add core into my routines (even if its leg day). As my core gets stronger, I can see an overall improvement in my breathing and endurance.

  3. Great job girlfriend! I love using YouTube for workouts there's some awesome stuff out there!

  4. I need to utilize YouTube more for my workouts. Especially yoga, since the ones at my gym don't really work with my schedule.

  5. Thank you so much for writing this post and I love the idea of the link up. I am looking forward to what others post and reading your workouts!

  6. I tried to link up, but the collection is closed :( Could you keep it open through mid week? I'd love to link up each week! Here's my post :)

  7. You rock, Jenn! I love the image of trying to balance on the exercise ball and just laughing...I imagine I would be the same! I think it's so smart to make a schedule for workouts...whenever I actually do that, I stay waaaay more committed!

  8. This is so inspiring! I'm trying to slim down and get in shape for summer!!! I wish I had your dedication!

  9. Omg girl those damn ball errytime..i'm like how the ef is this bitch doin this? As i fall forward and sideways and ohh let's just try to do a pushup while we're at it.. IMPOSSIBLE!


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