Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weekend Reflection

It's Wednesday.  It's freezing cold.  I'm a little behind on housework etc.  I still have tons of emotions about my grandmother's wake last night...and so I just want to reflect on my super fun weekend.  [minus the whole 49ers losing; boo]

Friday the sun was shining--like whoa.  I went to my hair appointment, goodbye roots, hello blonde!  While I did that, hubby took Brooke to my dad's for the weekend.

After!! I got all dolled up, thanks to my amazing hair dresser doing my hair and we had a lovely date night.

Selfie alert.

We dined at The Revelry.  The food was pricey but very good!!

We were home and hubs was asleep by 9:45

The next morning I met up with my good friend Alison.  We had a girls' day planned: pedis, Barnes and Noble and lunch, sans kiddos!!  Gotta love the plastic baggie wrapped toes!

After our pedicures we went over to Barnes and Nobles, got some lattes and wandered around aimlessly.  We had no where to be and no one tugging on our pants; it was quite lovely! We had a delicious little lunch.  I enjoyed a side salad and croque monsieur. MMMM!

Joe and I debated over whether we should go out to see a movie or what.  We decided on sushi at our favorite place, and we ate right at the sushi bar.  Afterwards, we came home and built a fire.  I actually read a magazine. A whole magazine in one sitting! I don't remember the last time I did that!!

I am on a makeup kick again [thank you YOU TUBE!] and keep hearing all of this amazing stuff about this Sigma F80 brush and so I ordered it off amazon.

I then made asked hubby if we could stop at Sephora after picking up Brooke on Sunday.  I wanted to try this foundation {only $26} and it's kind of like an airbrush technique. I haven't played with it yet, so I will review it soon!!  I also scooped up this amazing concealer.  Mama's bags under her eyes are bad and needed something stronger!

Even though our boys lost Sunday night, it was still a great weekend.  I may have started to cry when Navarro Bowman hurt his leg--that just looked so painful!  I felt so bad for him. As much as we missed out little peanut,  I'm glad she was able to spend time with my dad and step mom. It also gave us a chance to just spend some QT just us two.

So what'd you all do last weekend?! Any other new makeup out there I should dig into?? Share! 


  1. Your hair looks beautiful! I have always had problems with bags under my eyes, whether I get good sleep or not! I heard good things about the Bobbi Brown concealer but haven't pulled the trigger. I don't really have dark circles, just pesky bags!

  2. Haha, your Friday night pup snuggles after a nice night out could be my life, lol. Looks like a great weekend!

  3. ohh let me know about that makeup! and your nights sound as exciting as ours.. actually more.. IF we ever go out.. we get home and bob's asleep by 9 if not earlier.

  4. You look gorgeous!! I got highlights last week..totally needed them!

    Yay for date nights! I'm already counting down the days til our next one.

    I'm DYING to hear about that foundation.. can't wait to hear how it works for you!

  5. I got my hair colored with a tint of Red. I drink tea to relax me. great photos


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