Thursday, January 23, 2014


I am all about working hard, hustling and doing what ya gotta do.  But sometimes we forget to sit back and relax.  I got this in my inbox from Steve Chandler's email subscription. {He is the author of 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself Change Your Life Forever}---PS it totally did. I married the man who introduced me to that audio.

Anyway, he shared this:

      I learned...first from him and then fromday-to-day experience, that the quality and powerof my work always increased when I sloweddown to the speed of life. Conversely, thequality of my work and my relationshipsdegraded when I tried to think too much anddo too many things at once.
     This is still really useful to me:       "Creativity requires leisure, an absence of rush,  time for the mind and imagination to float and wander  and roam, time for the individual to descend into  the depths of his or her psyche, to be availableto barely audible signals rustling for attention.         "Long periods of time may pass in which nothing  seems to be happening. But we know that kind of space  must be created if the mind is to leap out of its  accustomed ruts, to part from the mechanical, the known,the familiar, the standard, and generate a leap into the new."   Nathaniel Branden

And I couldn't agree more.  I need to be better about relaxing; There is a difference between passive and active relaxation. I know one of my downfalls is that I will "relax" with my laptop on my lap.  Or my phone in my hand.  That is not allowing my creativity to grow!!

What will you do to relax this week?


  1. I struggle with stress management and unwinding. I too often fall victim to my phone and my laptop. I'm wearing so many hats these days and its really hard. I work too much, sleep too little, and neglect vital parts of my life like being social. I'm hoping this is my year to find balance and finally blossom.

  2. I am terrible at this. When I do sit down to take a "break" I'm usually blogging or reading blogs or check social media. I definitely need to be better at just sitting and enjoying the quiet, or reading a book, or listening to music.


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