Sunday, January 5, 2014

Moments of Brooke's First Christmas

The very first conversation I had with Joe on the phone, was early in January.  For some reason, Christmas came up and he was telling me about his house.  He said when he bought it, he loved that you could overlook from the second story into the living room.  He envisioned his children being so excited to look out and see the tree, all full of presents...

That dream came true this year.  The moment was so perfect, and yet our camera was not on the right setting!  That's ok, the memory will live with us always.

[fixed the setting]

Brooke was so adorable Christmas morning! We had our fire going, Christmas music playing and all was calm.  She so delicately opened her gifts, so we had to help her for the majority of them.

Holly photobombing.

This little soap--from my mom--she just insisted on carrying it around.  So funny!

This photo makes me mom and her boyfriend got Joe this for cooking!

Sadie photobombed.

And then mama got her gift, well one that we can all use, a big girl camera! The quality is amazing and I cannot wait to really use it and figure out all of its amazing abilities!

After our little family Christmas, my mother in law stopped by for breakfast and presents. [Note: for next year, make a breakfast casserole to stick in the oven--too much to cook for a hungry and sleepy baby who opened up all her gifts!!]  It was so nice to have her over.

Next up, we got ready and traveled about an hour to my dad's house.  I was a rather obnoxious mommy and really pushed hard about the picture taking!! I loved how we had some Easter photos and I so badly wanted to preserve Christmas Day as well.

Hubby figuring out the camera.  {note the gourmet shrimp cocktails in the back! I need to get better for photographing for real now!}

The girls.  I love this photo---Brooke dropped the hat the second Joe snapped the shot.

I love my babies in blue--makes their eyes stand out!!

I love it!

My family!

My sister and her husband and doggie.

Sister sister!

Obvs we need to work on our skills, but she's so cute!

Brooke taking a bottle from Uncle Ty Ty

My sister and her nieces

Me practicing my photography...ya know, trying to be artsy and all that.  I believe that is one of my grandmother's ornaments; I used to love decorating her little tree with her.  We'd eat mint ice cream christmas trees afterwards.  I miss her.

It was such a fun day and I cannot believe next year she'll be almost 2!!

Any tips {aside from lighting, I know about that} to get good shots with a DSLR? I also need to get a cute strap haha!


  1. What great memories y'all made!!! Brooke is getting so big!!

  2. What a great Christmas Day! I lovethe shirt you had on too! Good luck with the DSLR! I have had mine for a few years and have yet to figure it all out. I really need to get on that now that Little Miss is coming!

  3. I can't believe I hadn't found your blog until now! :) I'm your newest follower! Your blog is SO cute! YOU are gorgeous, and what a sweetheart you have! When his Birthday? My son's Birthday is December 7th :) I think they are pretty close in age! :)


  4. Hi!

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    All the pics are super cute :)

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  5. I love that your very first phone conversation with Joe involved Christmas morning and those stairs! And of course the photo setting didn't turn out...haha that is so typical of life! :)

    What beautiful photos from Brooke's first Christmas, Jenn! Definitely looks like the perfect day!

  6. What kind of camera did you get?! I really want a 'big girl' camera someday--yours takes great pictures. So glad Brooke's first Christmas was great!

  7. Beautiful pictures! Looks like such a great Christmas.

    The only advice I have is just to keep taking pictures of everything. It is seriously the only way to get better at it. I honestly think you are on the right track.

    You are gorgeous!


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