Sunday, January 26, 2014

This Week in Workouts {Link up with us!}

Bliss to Bean

Time for our weekly workout linkup! Join Nikki, Ashley and me!

I hope you're all enjoying a beautiful Sunday!  I love this linkup; it's only our second week, but man...if you're anything like me and really don't love working out, then join IN!! I'm telling you, holding myself accountable to this is really helping me. I did NOT want to workout.  I struggled, but ya know what? I made myself do it and for that I am so proud.

No, I didn't workout every day, and no I'm not going going to sit here and give excuses why.  I just didn't.  Next week I hope to be better.

Monday- CU24 Melt
Tuesday- Rest
Thursday- JM 6 Weeks 6 Pack [did you know that is on Amazon Prime?! Thank you Alison!]
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Light Yoga Stretches
My friend Danielle gave me this quote; love it.

I notice that the harder I workout, the more dehydrated I get [obvi] and How incredible is it that we have some tasty new flavors to enjoy!? I am obsessed with the Key Lime Cherry.  I am ordering Peach this week!  [Order here now! Won't last forever!]

One thing I want to stress is the need for lean protein. I absolutely love coaching people and the one thing I notice is that women especially, tend to not eat enough protein.  It is SO SO SO important.  I cannot even put into words how much better I feel when I get enough protein...I just had to share this.

I pretty much try to eat a lean protein at every meal.  When I say meal, I mean every 3-4 hours something goes into my mouth and preferably is a veggie or fruit and protein.  It's so important to create that balance! If I have a banana, I will have a little almond butter.  An apple and some walnuts.  If you're not losing the weight and you feel as though you're working out and eating clean, add some protein! So many options.

Lean and Clean!

Link up below and let's motivate each other!


  1. I really need to invest in a video or something I can do at home when the weather is bad... winter is killing me!

  2. This is awesome. I need to link up next week!

  3. next week i promise! ;) and i need to eat more protein throughout the day i think..i def do eat enough for lunch and dinner but i'm thinking snacks and breakfast i need more..

  4. so right about the protein. .. great job this week.. i'm going to check my amazon prime for workout videos :O)

  5. My comment never posted because my computer messed up, so I'll comment again! :) I think it's totally fine to miss some workouts during a week. We're all human and can't keep up with everything ALL the time!! You are still rocking it out, girl!!

    P.S. I bought the key lime and cherry rehydrate!!! I've never tried that before so I'm anxious to use it :)

  6. I have to say, I love your very blunt "No I didn't do this and I have no excuses" mentality. Sometimes we have off weeks and it is what it is - next week can be better! That is a very good sign of a good state of mind. I know a lot of people who have one bad week and then give up because they get down on themselves. Way to stay in the game!


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