Sunday, January 26, 2014

Brooke Eats

I have had some people ask me what my daughter likes to eat...and I can say that I know that we are very lucky, our girl LOVES to eat!!  We haven't found much that she doesn't enjoy.

I thought I'd share some of her favorites.

Breakfast is pretty standard:
1 scrambled egg
Some banana and strawberries
Ezekiel toast w/ coconut butter

Daddy gave her some ketchup!
She LOVES pasta. My little Italian bambina
Ground turkey
{lemon and evoo}

We are still on organic soy formula and I mix in a little of the organic milk formula.  She won't hold her own bottle unless she's laying down!

We are working on the sippy cup...

She LOVES the squeeze pouches and enjoys feeding herself! She also loved right from the oven multi-grain beer bread; so good!

Pasta baby. "Bacon Pasta" and we just use the masher to make it small enough.

Daddy got her a "birthday lollipop" and they enjoyed a little of that together.

Bib off = I'm done!

I love that she loves food. I do find that she has some milk sensitivities and I hope that she will outgrow it.  She breaks out in a diaper rash if she has too much dairy.  She is not allergic to anything, and for that we are super grateful.  I just keep trying new and different foods and always have her taste what we eat.

I try to give her real food and feed her what we eat. So far so good! She gobbles it all up like a champ. She even drinks my spinach smoothie. I love it! 

What do you feed your little one?


  1. My daughter is also an amazing eater, there's seriously nothing the kid won't eat! I pray she won't get picky like so many kids do. Our girls can be the exception, right?!?!

  2. Adorable!! My niece loves food, too. She is obsessed with bread, fruit, broccoli, mac & cheese, noodles, hot dogs (or sausage links at breakfast--we call them hot dogs and she will eat them lol), eggs, pancakes, and grilled cheese! She's not super picky but she hasn't been a fan of chicken lately. My sister has been good about keeping most things healthy and giving her a variety of foods so she doesn't get hooked on something or sick of it, either!

  3. aww, she is getting SO big! What a good eater ;)

  4. Julian loves toast with butter, any kind of pasta , cheese cut in cubes, eggs with cheese, fruit, loves noodles. He is a really good eater. Still drinks milk in a sippy cup but is crazy over chocolate milky lol

  5. so cute! ah right now Kenz is being so difficult when eating.. I can't figure out if she hates eating with the spoon.. but she still hasn't really figured out how to use her lil hands to feed herself. And breakfast is the hardest meal for me for some reason! Do you give her just 1 egg?


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