Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Eve: Re-cap

Seriously, the best, Christmas, EVER.  I had so much fun with our little baby girl, I kept {keep} tearing up about how awesome it truly was.  So awesome, I need to blog about every stinking minute! Haha

First things first, I got my cardio on.  My elliptical won't fit down the stairs, so it stays out in the garage.  I knew I had to bust a move with all the yummy treats coming my way.  It's a tad cold out there, but hubby let me have a space heater. It works. 

Boom.  I love watching You Tube videos, so that's what I do now. 

Christmas Eve:: Iphone Photos-

I opted for a red sparkle top and straight hair.

We visit Joey's grandma and his mom's side of the family.  Obligatory round one selfies:

It was a white Christmas!

She had so much fun crawling around with everyone and playing!

Uncle Frank!

Then our "real" camera...Grandma Maria!

Brooke and her great aunt Milly!! Books & her first Barbie!!

I love Joe's family.  A bunch of loud Italians---I seriously couldn't have asked for a better fit!! I always get jealous that I am not Italian, but now my daughter is, and well, I'm close enough!! It was the best Christmas Eve ever!! 


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas Eve! LOVE your top!

  2. Love that sparkle top!! Where is it from?! Also you just look gorgeous :)

  3. You looked fabulous! Loving your sparkly top with your straight hair.

    Brooke is adorable! Looks like a great Christmas Eve!

  4. giirrrlll you look AH MAZING! Look at your teeny legs! Love all these pics! Looks like a great first christmas eve! :)


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