Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The First

SI hope you all had a fantastic New Year's Eve! The last two years we stayed in and so I was MORE than ready to get dressed up, eat a fancy meal {that I didn't have to cook or do the dishes for!} and spent some quality time with the love of my life. 

It was beyond perfection.  Our meal was exquisite and the rest of the evening just unravelled itself beautifully.  We dined at Tapas and had a 5 course dinner---it was all so good! I worried I would get really full, but the portions were small and manageable and packed so much flavor! 

The restaurant was decorated with a billion silver and white balloons that floated to the ceiling with sparkly ribbons hanging down.  It was so cozy inside with candlelit tables, white twinkle lights and the seating itself, with big long booths for one person to sit at the table, to tucked away adorable nooks for couples to sit.

We immensely enjoyed trying each other's dishes and got lost in our conversations.  It is so easy to forget, how simply important a date night is.  I can honestly say that my husband and I fell in love all over again.  That is powerful, and that is the truth!!

After dinner we scooted downtown, and even though it was only 9:45 on a Tuesday evening, we were ready to hit the club.  We went to One and sat in front of the fireplace waiting for the upstairs to open.  Before long, we were up stairs on the dance floor, my step-brother Tyler stopped by to say hello, and then my girlfriend and her boyfriend came watch the ball drop to midnight!

We left shortly after that and on the way out, this guy asked me why I was so happy.  He kept saying what a big smile I had on my face, and it was awesome to see such a happy person; truth is?  I was beyond happy.  I took a lot of nights out for granted before our wee little bundle came along, and now I cherish each second my hubby and I get!  It was everything I could have wished for in a New Year's Eve and for that, I am so fortunate.

And today?  I still have that same smile---I feel like I am in a spot where I have all that I have ever wanted.  Our little girl is turning one next week.  Our health is good all around. Our home is wonderful.  The dogs are well.  Life is grand!! It's not perfect; I have some of "Christmas" yet to pack away, clothes to fold, dishes to do, yadyada....but overall?  I am so excited to see what 2014 brings.

I have resolutions, or goals, whatever you wish to call them.  I know that I need to write them down and hold myself accountable for them to happen!

My Motto this year? A mouthful!  "Mess Free, Stress Free---Clutter Free 2014!"

Seriously. I am going to have less junk around these parts, so far I've thrown away a whole garbage bag of stuff in our cupboards and fridge that were expired, not good for us, or just never being used.


That feels so awesome to have more room and less stuff!

Of course if any of these happen more than what I'm hoping for,  that'd be awesome, but I'm being real.

Once a month:
Try a new recipe
Read a book
Get to Zumba class
Date night out
Organize a closet, room, space, whatever!
Donate a box of stuff
Massage, & Chiropractor to help with my Tinnitus & arthritis.  It really helps!
Acupuncture with Joe!!

Weekly Goals:
Workout 3-4 times
Get Brooke & I out of the house to socialize {Baby Signing class is ending soon!}

Daily Goals:
Aside from what I already do on a daily basis, these are things I really want to throw in!

Clutter Free--set a timer 15 minutes in the morning and de-clutter, and again 15 minutes at night.

Write [blog] I love writing and writers need to write.  I spend so much time thinking about what I could write, you know some elaborate post and all...but really?  Sometimes, I just need to write.

Meditate -- Giada's new cookbook is AWESOME and she revealed some things she does to stay "healthy".  One is a meditation app.  I downloaded it [free!] and used it Christmas Eve Day. I even steeped two black tea bags and then stuck them outside to get really cold, THEN I meditated. I felt so refreshed!

I also have "work" goals, but I don't really know if anyone here wants to read about that!  I will write them down and share them with my leaders though!

What are your goals?  Even if it's to drink 10 cups of water a day, I'd love to hear them!!


  1. Well I decided to do 14 resolutions for 2014. I won't write all 14 for you but I'll include a few.
    1. Read 14 books.
    2. Go on 14 date nights.
    3. Pick a Secret Pal at work and do nice things for that person.
    4. Organize my craft room.

    Happy New Year!

  2. momma! You look hot girl!! and I mean that in a completely straight way;) I'm jealous you guys went out, looks like you had a blast. I love the monthly goal list!

  3. Hot mama!!! So glad you got out and had a great New Years!! Amazing. And great goals!!

  4. Looks like a great NYE! I love date nights, and totally agree they are needed!

  5. great goals, What I do not to have extra food that we will not eat in the frig is make a dinner list of what we will eat for the week and snacks and stuff and lots of fruit.. I also save money .. can you please tell me about the name of the the app from Giada ?

  6. You look SO good, Jenn!! I'm glad you had such a great end to 2013/beginning of 2014 and I know this year is just going to be amazing for you!!

  7. What an amazing night!! You two are the cutest!
    The top of our goal list is to have date night once a week, no matter what. We take turns planning it (so that it's not thrown together last minute) to get excited! And AT LEAST once a month, one of those date nights is actually just the two of us :) I get excited to take Mia swimming or do something fun like that... but we NEED our time! Babysitters are scarce around here, and I refuse to ask my friends who already have kids. So it's a challenge for us to get out without Mia. But it HAS to happen!


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