Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 Things I Love About…ME!

Sounds kind of funny to 'brag' about oneself, but I actually think that it's a wonderful idea!! We can be so critical and negative about ourselves…how often do you stop and say, "Hey self, you are awesome!"?

So, what do I love about myself?

10.  My ability to 'let go' and live.

I am no longer as "type A" as I used to be and as much as I love neat and orderly, there is no OCD up in here.  There are sometimes piles, messy floors, and well, trails of Brooke pretty much everywhere in here.  It reminds me that life is happening!

9.  I'm not afraid to try new things.

Whether it's raw oysters my husband insists, if I try them 5 times I'll like {which btw he was right and they're amaaaaazing!}or swimming with sea turtles in the caribbean, signing on as a Distributor for AdvoCare, or even dancing on TV with a local news station's version of Dancing with the Stars, Teachers Edition, each "new" makes me a stronger, better and more well rounded version of me.

8.  My legs.

I figured I should throw a physical trait up here.  I believe it's all the years I spent dancing, but I am also blessed with some long stems! Granted, there's some extra cushion whilst I'm carrying little boy, but when I'm able to workout normal and crank out some awesome supplements, I am super impressed with my legs!  I'm a about 5'7, so I think that's fairly tall for a girl.  I love it!

7.  My patience.

While I can lose it from time to time, I think overall I'm very patient.  I had to be as a teacher and even more so as a mom who is pregnant.  We waddle/walk at my daughter's pace and are typically in no hurry.  If we are, I try to be patient and understand that she's little and still doesn't know any better quite yet.  As much as I want to not let her feed herself at the table, I know that it's an important skill she's acquiring and that one day there will not be lumps of linguine stuck to my chair.

6. I know that I'm never done growing.

If I thought I was the best I could be and thought that I never needed to grow, I'd feel sorry for myself.  I really believe we can all strive to be better each day.  I know I am not perfect and often look for those areas that need to be changed, worked on, evolved, so that I can be a better mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister…human.

5. I think I'm pretty funny.

There are times when I just get rolling and can crack jokes with the best of them! I can be super serious at times, but others I just love to laugh.  If you can't laugh at yourself or at other things in life, what's the fun in that?  Lightening up has definitely lowered my stress levels and has been so fun over these last few years.

4.  I'm confident.

Seriously, confidence is the best accessory. Even if I don't "Feel" confident, I fake it til I make it.  I don't know what the heck I'm doing sometimes, but as long as you're smiling, being nice, and enjoying whatever it is you're doing, no one even knows!  If you're all shy and sitting in a corner, grumbling or playing on your phone, no one wants to be around that.

3.  I care. A lot. About everything.

This can be a downfall at times, but my heart is huge and I believe it's more of an asset than anything.  I   feel like compassion, sympathy, love, are all such important traits to living a happy life.  I find that when I care about someone or something, it just makes life better.  I do know when to stop 'giving' because there can be a fine line of being taken for granted…but for the most part, if you just love on people and things in life, your outlook tends to be a whole lot brighter!

2. I can forgive.

There are many times in my life where I want to sit and stew, stomp my feet and hold a grudge.  Now, there have been times where I just let something 'go' but if a person is truly meant to be in my life, I can forgive whatever situation that was plaguing us and move forward.  Again, that said, I'm not a pushover, but when love is greater, it finds a way to prevail. I'm sure I will be faced with future circumstances or situations where perhaps I cannot forgive, but I can't help but think back to Holocaust survivors and one in particular saying, "To hate someone else is like swallowing poison."  Basically the only one you're hurting is yourself, so forgive, let live…move on.

1. I know what I want out of life: I'm happy.

I think it's easy to just float around in life…and not really know what it is you want. I've been there.  Now that I have a clear picture in my mind of who I want to be, what I want, where I want to be, and continue to take actions to make those dreams come true, I've never been happier.  Sure, I've got down days and moments of 'woe is me' but overall, I am grateful, abundantly blessed, and so, so, so, happy.

I challenge you, what are 10 things about yourself you love?! Leave a comment letting me know!
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  1. What a fun post!!! Can you help me learn to let go better? I'm a complete grudge holder, because I used to be a constant overlooker.

    I care about everything too. I'm the crier, the hugger, the jump up and down in a restaurant excited girl. Life is fun to live so I wanna live it well!

  2. Your list is so good. I wish I had my life all figured out. I think I have a plan in mind... just need to get there I suppose!

  3. I'm much less "type A" than I used to be, and I am definitely growing to love this less-uptight side of me!


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