Monday, September 22, 2014

A Little [big] Life Tip

Oh hello, Monday. I was hoping for a smooth week to catch up and rest a bit…buuuuuut Brookie has her first cold of the season so things are not quite back to "normal" around these parts.  It's ok, and we're all hanging in there after the seizure dog drama, but man…I look forward to a healthy happy family some day soon please!!

I was looking at the prompts I've missed and this one jumped out to me...

One piece of advice I could give to a large group of people…

I have a lot to say, clearly, I nearly document my thoughts on a daily basis.  While I don't claim to know it all, I certainly have learned a thing or two over the past 33 years.  I think the best advice is to never stop learning/working on yourself.

I'll say it again, never stop learning or working on yourself. And with that, don't ever try to be "perfect" just always focus on progress.

Sounds easy enough, but I mean in every and all aspects of life.  Don't ever think for a second you can't change; everything about you can be re-created, re-directed, lifted, shifted, massaged, and the amount of growth one can have spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically is just mind-blowing.

What do I exactly mean about never stop learning? Well, there's the obvious. Take up a new class you've never tried before.  I suggest maybe finding one of your less than stellar aspects and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Maybe it's a workout class you're nervous to try. Perhaps you're "not a good cook," which I feel is an excuse for, you just haven't done it very much so you're not too great at it.  I wasn't nearly as good of a cook as I am today.  Through many okay dishes, delicious dinners and even some "the dog won't even eat it meals," I have worked up quite the recipe repertoire.

If you're unhappy about something in life, go back to you.  Look inside yourself. The easiest thing to do is go to the library, grab some Audio-books (CD) or if you don't mind spending the $$ grab some mp3s on iTunes or Audible.  I suggest getting your own copies because just one listen won't do it. Just like you can't go on one run and expect to stay in shape.  You can't eat one healthy meal and all of a sudden, "be healthy." It's a work in progress.   Just work on you.

Notice I didn't say grab an actual book.  You totally can, but I know that requires a little more commitment.  That requires an extra action step for you to sit down and carve out 10-15 minutes of your day, and I get that it's hard.  So for a no excuse method, grab an audio. Or Youtube--FREE! While you're folding laundry or putting on your makeup, putting away the dishes or even cooking dinner.  Start listening to some good leadership or self-help books, whatever you want to call them.

You will be amazed after a few listens, you will start to think, feel and act differently.

Some favorites:

The Slight Edge: by Jeff Olson

100 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Happy For No Reason

Change Your Thoughts Change your Life

Easier Than You Think

I would tell people to not care what others thought about them, but I know for a fact that only comes when you work on yourself.  We are brought up to appease others and not ruffle feathers.  Once you've broken the chain on that, you have freed yourself, life becomes limitless.  I'm not saying be rude or go out of your way to upset people, but once you find yourself and learn to live life on your terms, it all starts getting better.   Note that I didn't say easier.  Life is never easy.  It's just how you go about and deal with your day to day, that makes all the difference in the world.

Bottom line, just know that you are never too old to grow and learn.  We are always able to change, it's just taking those small action steps to lead us there.

And for heaven's sake, everyone else is so wrapped up in his or her own life, don't worry about what other people think!  Chances are, they're too worried about what others think of them too. Just put an end to that and focus on YOU.

Here's to a happy Monday!

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